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rip the progress quiz?

Hi! So, I was looking through my coding recently, and I noticed something: "web_remove_quiz_experiment":false,". This is pretty easy to decipher, and if you can't I'm pretty sure it means that I'm in an A/B test where there's no Progress Quiz. I also noticed that I think today they removed the option of Quiz History when you hover over your username in the blue bar at the top. Fairly recently, it used to redirect you to a user's page with a name like progress-quiz or something similar, and then shortly thereafter redirected you again to an Error 404 page. Now, the Quiz History option is gone completely.

Is this Duolingo's way of erasing the Progress Quiz completely? Or do any of you guys still have it available? Let me know in the comments below (oh no now i sound like a youtube dOnT fOrGeT tO sMaSh ThAt LiKe BuTtOn!1!!11!).

Edit: Update! When I'm looking at someones profile, Labs or Words tab, the Quiz History from hovering over my username is not there. When I'm on a discussion, it shows up!

November 18, 2017



When I'm on a discussion, it shows up!

The discussion still based on the old code.

Or do any of you guys still have it available?

It is still possible to use:

You just need to turn off the new code:

  • Go to any page of the forum (this page is good).
  • Write duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"]; in the browser console and press "Enter".
  • Go to home, then to the lingot store, and take the test.
  • Enjoy!


Amazing code!


  • Hit F12 to open the console
  • Write duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"]; on the line with '>' and hit Enter; it should return some info
  • Check "preserve log"
  • Hit the home tab, and go to the lingot store; scroll down and take the test

Also, you can make it get back to the new code, since the old code messes up the format a little bit. At first I panicked, since I thought it would be old forever, but then I remembered there was something easy I could do to undo it.


  • Hit F12 to open the console
  • The log should have been preserved
  • Toggle "preserve log" so it is not checked
  • Hit the home tab, and go to the lingot store; your format should be restored and the quiz will have disappeared

I just modified your steps to make it a bit more clear; but amazing job finding that out anyway! You certainly deserve an up-vote and a lingot.




Just press "F5" ;)


It actually won't work if you preserve the log. Preserving the log keeps everything safe so next time you log on Duo, the progress quiz is still there. So, you must toggle it if last time you saved your log.


If you don't preserve the log.


What do you mean by "Write duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"]"?


Aint working anymore(


Can you make a video how to turn on the progress quiz?


The quiz history option hasn't disappeared for me yet. It still leads to a 404 though.


Dude I swear it was not there literally right before I made this post. Now it's back. What the heck is going on?


Okay I think I may have figured it out. When I'm looking at someones profile, Labs or Words tab, it's not there. When I'm on a discussion, it shows up!


I did not promise that it will get disappeared. I do not know how to reset history. But you can still see it, click here:



Wow, that code thing is amazing FieryCat! When I want to check my progress I use the placement test on a private tab. Do you remember that everyone asked for a list of errors made during the progress quiz? With the placement test you get such a list and I am happy to exchange the number to knowing the issues I need to improve :-)

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