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  5. "这个不便宜。"


Translation:This isn't cheap.

November 18, 2017



The pronounciation of tones on "便宜" sounds inconsistent to me. Can someone explain this to me? In this exercise it sounds like "便" is fourth tone, falling, and "宜" is second, rising. But in another exercises it sounded the opposite like "便" was second tone, rising, and "宜" was fourth tone, falling.

Which is correct, or does this change, or have a range of pronunciations?

Google translate labels it "Piányí" in which BOTH are rising, but when it pronounces it it sounds like rising then falling. I'm really confused.


The character "便" is mostly pronounced as "biàn(4th)," and the character "宜" generally is pronounced as "yí(2nd)."
However, things become more complex for the fixed phrase "便宜" (cheap):
Mainland China: piányi (2nd, neutral)
Taiwan: piányí (2nd, 2nd)
The word can be also read as "biànyí (4th, 2nd)" in both area, meaning "convenient" or "appropriate." But this word is archaic, uncommon and basically only used in some fixed phrases.
So, the pronunciation given in this sentence is wrong.


便宜 can be read as piányi, "cheap", or biànyí "convenient", no?


Actually Tristan is correct. Bian yi is a correct way of saying it theoretically. It is not correct in this sentence, however. Look at Andrew-Lin's post.


Pronunciation of pianyi is off


It sounds like bian yi not pian yi. My son who is fully bilingual agrees.


the pronunciation is a little bit off on 便宜


Why is there 个 but not 是 or 很


You don't need 很 as a filler word because there is already 不, thus 便宜 is not standing by itself.





Tone marks: ► pián yi     Tone numbers: pian2 yi2

Chinese Characters

Traditional: 便宜     Simplified: 便宜

First Character: 便 (pián) – advantageous; cheap     Second Character: 宜 (yi) – proper; should; suitable; appropriate

Examples of Pián Yi

► Zhè shuāng xié hěn pián yi.     這雙鞋很便宜。     这双鞋很便宜。     This pair of shoes is very inexpensive.

► Zhè jiā diàn mài de dōng xī hěn pián yi.     這家店賣的東西很便宜。     这家店卖的东西很便宜。     The things in this store are very cheap.


it never tought us "cheap". at least i dont think so

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