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tips to get streak pls

I want a streak but cant get it cuz I have school wut do I do

November 18, 2017



You can try making a schedule of your daily life to organize your time.

For instance, create an agenda outline of activities or obligations that you cannot control. Those should be your main priorities and center of focus. Then, outline your less demanding activities or obligations that you can be more flexible with. Within this category should include Duolingo, assuming you are not required to use it at your school.

After, you can organize this based on their proximity to deadlines so that you can place your focus on the things that are truly the most important to be dealt with. Hopefully, you should have room to do at least a lesson on Duolingo. However, I do not know your daily life, so my suggestion may or may not work for you. But, it worked for me when I was in high school! Plus, this strategy was beaten into my head when I was in a college prep program... So, that's another reason I suggest this method.

By the way, this was an oversimplification of the method I was taught.

I hope this helps a little with your situation. Good luck in your studies!


What? You have school 24/7 wow, that must be like slavery.


I'll make it as quick as I can:

  • Set your daily goal to 1XP (Tell yourself "Come on, one XP on Timed practice won't kill you"!) You have it on 50XP, which is a little scary!("Ugh, I'll have to go do 50")
  • My average is 50/day and I have it on 1, so don't think it's a sloppy move, setting it on 1)
  • Set an alarm somewhere else, like on your clock, to remind you to come back.
  • Come back! After a while, it'll be a habit. When it did turn into a habit, you can drop your streak to break free of the number, and build a new one.

[deactivated user]

    You have to really want to keep a streak. There are 24 hours in a day, and 10 minutes on Duo will get you at least 10 xp. You can also set a goal of 1 xp. All you have to do is find a time that works best for you. I usually practice to and from work being that I work 12 hour days sometimes.


    Wake up earlier than you do now and earn your points right away, before starting your usual activities. When I was a kid I had your "streak problem" with practicing a musical instrument. There were just too many interesting things to do after school. So, instead of getting out of bed at 6:45 a.m. I would get up at 6:00 and practice for 45 minutes on school days. Worked like a charm. Try it. And you won't have to go down to the cellar to practice, as I did, to avoid waking up the rest of the family--I can't imagine your Duo practice makes as much noise as I did. :)

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