"Do you drink tea?"


November 18, 2017

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There's no way to tell whether the English question is in singular or plural. 你喝茶吗 is a reasonable response.


Apparently, Duolingo wants you to think that the word "you" is meaning "you guys." Therefore, you would use "你们." And I also read it first in the singular form


It accepts 你喝茶吗 now


How do you write chinese characters please ?


First of all you grab the language pack for you os. Then you grab the keyboard input layout (same way as switching to the Dvorak layout if you wish to google 'how to switch to Dvorak on windows/mac/linux'). Switch to the new layout and away you go.

This is not for the faint of heart and I would caution you against it while initially learning Chinese. Learning Dvorak has been hard enough and that's in English!


That depends on the operating system you use.

On Linux, I simply install ibus which is an input method bus, it captures keypresses and spits out letters depending on what language I have currently set. Then I have a list of languages that I can use, and a keyboard shortcut to switch between them. There's also a little icon in my system tray that tells me which language I'm using currently.

So when I want to type Chinese characters, I switch to Chinese, and then simply type in pinyin, which is a romanization of Chinese pronunciation. For example, I type "ming", and a little box appears that suggests several characters I can choose from, 明 being the first one on the list, then 名, and so on... They are numbered, so I can choose which one I want by pressing that number on the keyboard. Kinda like the T9 dictionary on cellphones.

If you're on Windows, there should be a similar way to install additional keyboard layouts and input methods, just look for Chinese pinyin method. I can't help you with that, though, since I haven't been using Windows for more than 10 years now :q


If you are using Google chrome on a PC then you can get Google Input Tools and install "English > a language you want".

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-input-tools/mclkkofklkfljcocdinagocijmpgbhab?hl=en


You have got to have a Chinese keyboard


I was wondering if it improved me pronunciation or texting but idk for sure


I agree with you. I read it as a singular person.


Shouldn't this simply allow for "ni he cha ma?" Or "he cha mam"


Im confused i think its broken


您 (nin)is the formal form of 你 (ni)


It is our English language that is screwed up. The term "you" is both singular AND plural. (Unless you are from the south, the you is singular and ya'll is plural.) Therefore 你们喝茶吗 and 你喝茶吗 should both be acceptable to "Do you drink tea?"


This is repeated twice in the question. Also, some chinese people would say "ni he bu he cha" as an informal way of saying it.


You in English can be plural - as such 妳们喝茶吗?should be accepted.


I think it should ask, "Do you guys drink tea?" so that we know that it's going to be plural and not singular


I agree with you. The question should be clearer if it is one person or more.


true, I was kinda confused when the given is singular, and the choices are plural.


Is the plural form of 'you' used for respect like 'vous' as against 'tu' in French?


’您‘ (Nín)Is a respectful alternative for 'you' which is ‘你’(Nǐ)。So you can go like ’你们‘ or ’您们‘。


In fact ni men is plural. Used for more than one person


Ni men confused me because it only said you


I typed this exact response but the program said it was incorrect?


It would be nice if the audio at the top of this forum played in Mandarin, not English.


I need moré time to answer


Looks like the plural answer is not accepted, and it should. Either make the English question unambiguous, or accept both answers.


Erk! I used the 你们喝茶吗 and it also says the otherway is fine yet it always marks it as wrong :')


There's no way to know if the sentence to translate is in singular or plural.


hola? this is learning.


Ma no "-" above "a" why duolingo pronounce maaaaaaaaa not ma (half sound) so sad for my Chinese teacher in Dalian


你喝不喝茶吗? Isn't correct?


喝不喝 infers "do you drink or not?" which is in itself, a yes or no question. So if you use the V 不 V structure, you do not need 吗。


I'm confused,"喝不喝“?wouldn't that be translated as "Do you drink not drink tea?", or is it another acceptable Chinese translation that is new to me?


Is 吗 still required if 喝不喝 already suggests that it is a yes/no question?


English has the distinction of "you" and "you all" which should be used here as just throwing a you as us doesnt do shit.


No it doesn't. It's 'all of you' not you all or y'all. Only place that is accepted is southern america...

In English you is both singular and plural.


也 what's this meaning? how should to use this?

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