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  5. "我的姐姐喜欢看美国电视。"


Translation:My older sister likes watching American TV shows.

November 18, 2017



"American television" should also be acceptable here.


I agree. The literal translation should also be accepted even though, for this particular purpose, "television" and "television shows" are essentially synonymous.

"Television shows" is "電視節目" as taught in a lesson shortly after this (e.g., https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25549667), so this issue seems more egregious.


Agree. It's definitely not American tv shows!


It is accepted now. It's actually a much better answer, in my opinion, and should have been added first.


"My older sister likes to watch American television" should be an acceptable answer.


Why is "My older sister likes to watch American TV shows." not acceptable?


What the other commenters said. The Chinese characters mean Television, not necessarily television shows.


"Television programmes" is a British way of saying "television shows", so I think that "My older sister likes watching American television programmes" should be an acceptable answer too.


tv shows would be 电视剧,not 电视。and 美国电视 means tvset made in US..which makes the sentence obscure..


It did not accept "American television shows," instead correcting "television" to "TV." This is a bit silly.


It should be the other way around, -teaches television, but accepts TV, as TV is an acronym and less acceptable.


While I got this one right, I cannot see where there is any reference to shows 节目 in the Chinese statement, only TV 电视.


TV shows and not television? Really guys? REAAALLLY???


It's fixed now. It accepts "tv" as well as "television".


Isn't older sister and elder sister the same. It didn't accept my translation of 姐姐 as older sister


My my older sister likes to watch American TV shows.

As another poster asked: why is this answer not OK?


Elder sister should also be acceptable here... as in other lessons....


With the often reasonably wide synonymous English translations, seeing vs watching is a fail? I appreciate that watch is dominate for tv and see for movies (at least in us) but a fail vs "another translation" seems a bit harsh.


Tv and televisiov are equivalents. Wake up


What is the difference between "likes watching" and "likes to see"????


There's a nuance between the two. "Watching" means paying attention visually. You are sitting there for an extended period of time paying attention to what's happening, focusing on it, not doing anything else. "Seeing" means noticing it visually, but nothing more. We pretty much never use see in this context.

There are some circumstances we use "see", like "I saw a movie last night" or "Have you seen the new Star Wars movie?". But if you look at them carefully, you see the question isn't if the person enjoyed Star Wars; the question is if the person is familiar with it, or has had the opportunity to watch it, not if the person payed attention while in the theatre. So there we use the word "see", but if a friend called me while I was in the theatre, I would say "not now, I'm watching a movie" but never "not now, I'm seeing a movie".

That's why they make the distinction here.


'likes to watch' not accepted. It has the same meaning as 'likes watching'.

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