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  5. "你好!你叫什么名字?"


Translation:Hello! What's your name?

November 18, 2017



Both 你 叫 什 么? and 你 叫 什 么 名 字?can be used to ask "What's your name?"

Ever further one may add 请问 to be more polite. 请问你叫什么名字


Can be to say: What's your first name? Because o "Ming zí" it is first name in the end.


What's your first name? 你的姓名是什么?


First off, why did people down vote this? Secondly, 姓 is last name. Thirdly, you dont need to put 的。


I think people downvoted it because of the English part, not because of the Chinese part.


Exactly what i am looking for, Thanks and that is a smart one from you


what does the add-on means?


As far as I know... "名字" (ming zi) translates to "name" in English, and adding at the end just specifies that you are asking for that person's name. You could say "你好!你叫什么名字?" (Hello! You are called what name?) or "你好!你叫什么?" (Hello! You are called what?)


How do you write this special character


download google keyboard or add chinese to your keyboard .you can switch to your own language with pressing space bar .


Yeah just be warned the samaung keyboard doesnt have all the tones


You and your replyes look understanding so better than I. Have you learn it all here in Duo lingo?


What is the meaning of first 2 characters omin your 2nd paragraph


What do the first 2 character mean in your 2nd para


The only reason I'm learning Chinese is that I will translate Chinese gamers to my dad, he works in the gaming industry.


Great! You are a good son.


Chinese is a useful language and the culture is super rich! You should definitely think about utilizing a knowledge of the language for something like a trip to China


that is SO cool!


Is that jin's photo from BTS on your dp??

Or am i imagining? XD


I wish they had the pinyin under-scribed the phrase


It would be good but a lot of chinese people don't use pinyin. We as Americans tend to use pinyin more than the character which is what my teacher explained to me. So it's better that we don't. Use flash cards! They're really helpful


flash cards? I am new here, could you give me some more details? it is quite hard to learn for me and I am at the start lol


Like cards that have the character on one side and the pinyin and/or English on the other! They're a great tool for studying


That's a very helpful advice, Millie. Thank you!


Just learning, like everyone else, but after an hour of searching the net I think I have it. (Don't shoot me if I"m wrong.)

From what I can tell the sentence breaks up like this:

你(you) 叫(called) 什么("what is" indicator) 名(name)字(birth)

It's like saying, "What's your "birth" name?"

名字 'name birth' seems just to be "name at birth", or "first name".

The question indicator appears to go after whatever information you're seeking. From what I read, Chinese does not reorder sentences to ask questions. ("Your name is ____" vs "What is your name?") Instead, you just put a "what question marker" (什么, shenme) after the verb about which you want to know. In this case, you're interested in how the name sounds, so you put the maker after 叫 "calling" (as in calling out, or saying). The "first name" 名字 part at the end describes what it is that is called out that you want to know (his first name.) You wouldn't put 什么 at the end because "first name" is not a verb. (If you said 名字什么 I'm guessing this would either be gramatically incorect or mean, "what is a first name"?)

你(you) 叫(called) 什么("what is" indicator)

would be like saying, "You're called...?" It doesn't actually use the phrase, "first name", but if you translated it, "what's your name" would be correct since "you're called?" might be hard to understand out of context. (e.g,, My name's Mike. And you're called?)

If you wanted to know how someone's name is written, I'm guessing you'd say

你(you) ?(write) 什么("what is" indicator) 名(name)字(birth)

or perhaps there is a "how" indicator that replaces the "what is" indicator


That was really eloquent and helpful! I think I understand a lot more, thank you! :D


Great job! However, from what i know, "字" just means "word" and both "名" and "名字" can mean name.


In 名字, 名 means "given name," and 字 means "courtesy name" (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courtesy_name ) - neither "birth" nor "word."

In the past, a Chinese's having a courtesy name in addition to the given name and family name wasn't uncommon. Nowadays, very few people have courtesy names, so when asked to give 名字, a person would give only 名.


Everything is said too quickly. At least give an option for it to be read slowly!


Is there a rule for the work order with the question marker 什么? I thought that it was supposed to be at the end of a sentence when it was used, but on Duolingo, it seems to switch from before 名字 to after without any pattern?


I don't find it helpful to be asked to translate a word that Duolingo has not explained to me. I'm nearly guessing here. Would be good to get a translation of each character before trying to make a sentence


This sentence is a bit of a leap. There are words here I haven't learned. Why is it asking me?


Tell me about it


See, when I did (你叫什么名字) by itself, it accepted "What name are you called?". But with the (你好!) it won't accept "Hello! What name are you called?"


Me too! That's exactly what I came to check.


I failed and the correct answer is exactly the same as my wrong one.


because Duolingo doesn't like you dude. Im sorry


How is "what is your name" incorrect here but "what's your name?" is correct? Makes no sense.


a lingot for ur problem


I'm a bit confused on pronunciation. In the phrase "我叫什么名字" the "字" at the end is pronounced like "feh" by the Duolingo speaker But when that character is alone, by itself, it is pronounced like "suh". I'm confused on which is the right pronunciation in that phrase-- please help!


It's a short 'zuh' sound. you can make it by saying buds like 'buDZah' and then just go to the z sound


It sounds like "feh" but its because hes saying "suh" it only sounds like "feh" because hes saying it a bit faster and in a sentence so it kinda blends in to sound like "feh". Im guessing the accent has partly to do with ot as well

[deactivated user]

    Why do the interrogative signs (什么) come before the name signs (名字)? Is the interrogative signs coming before any other sign that refers to what the conversation is talking about true in all cases?


    What is and what's is tge same sentence ,yet its seen as wrong


    i was answering the question


    When 字 is said by pressing the Speaker or the Turtle it sounds like American "zah" When you click on the 名字 tile, it sounds like "za" - the a like in about "ə" . Can you hear any difference? And is it just personal differences or regional. Or wrong. Chineese is picky about how the vowels sound and the "direction".


    is 'name' different in what's your name opposed to Hello, whats your name


    There are two characters here that mean "what" according to duolingo? 什么 How come in chinese they use 2 different characters that have the same meaning in this sentence, and they put them right after the other?


    '什么' is one word. Shen means what, me is a non-independent partical character that means nothing on it's own. Basically ifs phonetic and always follows certain characters


    So for example if i said " what i i want to do is leave" i wouldnt use "mè" because its not a question. But if i as "whats your name?" Then i would add the "mé". Is that correct?


    Hello my answer is correct, i dont know where is the error...


    hello, everyone! I just have a side note, and that is, if you are meeting someone for the first time, in Chinese, you would not, in fact say nihao, but instead, ninghao, which is more formal. what's more, nihao is more saying hi than hello, which is posted as the translation. Your fellow learner, Evi.


    I wrote "what is your name" and was marked wrong. Why is that wrong?


    Did you also translate the 你好 part?


    I get confused when it comes to names but I'm getting used to it


    It seems so fast. I must listen better.


    “你叫什么?” Means that you are asking 'you are called what?' it is not necessarily asking the full name. It can be like 'I am called Mr. Li' or something else by which you are addressed but when you ask “你叫什么名字” its literally means that you are asking " you are called by what name " here you are specifically asking " he is called by what name". So it will be like "I am Called Sam". If there any mistakes tell me


    Wtf i passed the speaking parts in the first levels but now even the 好 shows up as incorrect


    There was a long pause before it said 'what is your name' so I went on to put 'hello' but because the pause was too long, I pressed check answer before hearing 'what is your name'. Please make the pause much shorter, as I easily could've answered this question if I had heard the second part much quicker.


    Ig you say jhon in Chinese what do qrite


    Whats the tonal difference in "ming" as in "zhang ming" and "ming" as in name. If there is. Thanksa ton!


    Hello whats your name

    How is this are you kidding meee!!!!!!!


    I completely butchered that and it let me pass. Yeet.


    I typed "你好,你叫什么明字" and was marked incorrect. I've started using a pinyin keyboard because it seems like better practice than the word bank, but it seems the lessons are very unforgiving about punctuation when typing it in by hand!


    I guess "Greetings! What is your name?" Doesn't work


    Why is What is your name wrong?


    Did you also translate the 你好 part?


    什么你名字 cant you use this too?


    Voice test totally doesn't work. I can say tsching tsching tschang tscha ting tong and und say it's correct.


    I cheated by acidentaly pressing i cant talk now with my elbow. Oops!


    I am confused about this sentence


    What about it specifically about which are you confused?


    slow down the talking even more please as cannot understand


    Maybe an option to play it a little slower for pronounciation


    I am having a great time here, getting everything right in the first attempt. I am really enjoying people getting confused and others confusing them by adding more confusing info.


    I answered 'hello!what is your name' why is my answer wrong?


    I love learning this but is a tad hard ! :)


    Im getting them correct now but i dont even know the pronounciations


    Is not simple as what is your name. 名字 is the family name


    姓: family name

    名: given name

    字: courtesy name (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courtesy_name)

    名字 is used to mean "given name" or extended to mean just "name."

    In the past, it wasn't uncommon for a Chinese to have a courtesy name in addition to the given name and family name. Nowadays, most people don't have courtesy names, so when asked to give 名字, they'd give only the given name.


    你好! 你叫什么名字?


    Can you just say 你什么名字? without 叫?


    I don't think so


    I think that it would be more natural/common to say a sentence like "你的名字是什么?" / nǐ de míngzi shì shénme ("What is your name?").


    叫 literally mean called, so I don't think you can


    Im guessing that wouldnt work since it would be " your what first name" youd be leaving out the "called" part.


    Damn, you need PERFECT spelling with duolingo. I got incorrect because i said "you name"


    How come my microphone doesn't pickup my voive? It only picks up the first word. Any idea why??? Thanks


    Passed just saying ni hao (took too long thinking about next part)


    Since i learn at a slow pace right when i said Nî Hào it said i was correct? But i am still confused on the end and it didn't say i was wrong?


    I just say ni hua and i stuck duolingo passed me,




    Why is it shen me? If says shen means what and me means what


    Me doesn't mean what, it is an indicator


    The what and what's thing here just seems a dirty trick when it mean 'you good, you call what name' At least that is what i think


    I think the person who says the sentence should be a bit faster beacuse if someone already knows it they might get it wrong from going to fast


    This is ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ just because bi didnt put " ! " i get incorrect


    They took off points for accidentally putting "What's is" in my sentence! No fair


    I think it is fair(in a way), they have no way of knowing if it was on purpose or by accident and are just checking for a certain translation.


    Why do we need to add ming zi ecery time? No one asks whats your firet and surname. Its not grammatically correct!


    It is grammatically correct.

    你叫什么名字? 你叫甚麽名字? ni3 jiao4 shen2 me ming2 zi4 FORMAL TRANSLATION: What is your name? LITERAL TRANSLATION: You called what name? "You" 【你】is the subject, "called" 【叫】is the verb, and the question word "what name" 【什么名字/甚麽名字】is put on the end of the sentence, in accordance with the Chinese word order "SUBJECT + WHEN + WHERE + HOW + VERB", so ming2 zi4 is added after shen2 me. If you want to understand this lesson further, I recommend you look at Cheng Yangyang's Yoyo Chinese Grammar Lessons on Youtube. For this lesson, this is the video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLv8x7UXrvg&list=PLSfmcHo60bTxQNUUhZBHf3hkaEsNqfi_l&index=13


    What do these numbers mean? ni3 jiao4 shen2....?


    This is super helpful:)


    It doesn't like a period after 你好.I typed in 你好.你叫甚麼名字?and got it wrong.


    I don't think so


    Im struggling! I asked what appeared to be 'what bis your name?' But it wanted something like 'what is yur name what what name....' I dont get how to bdo it or what the repetitiona are for. Anyone, please?


    Is it correct to not allow hello, who are you? As an answerr. What's your opinion?


    That is a rather rude and confrontational way of getting someone's name. It usually implies that your presence is at least unexpected if not downright out of place.


    Why is "what's your first name" wrong


    Even I can't understand that bto

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