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  5. "我不饿;我很渴。"


Translation:I'm not hungry; I'm thirsty.

November 18, 2017



"I'm not hungry; I'm very thirsty"也应该可以了. 你们的答案数据库请调整了. Please fix!


The answer is correct, but what about "I'm not hungry. I'm very thirsty"? This is also acceptable.


Can somesone explain what's going on with the pronunciation of 不饿? Duolingo should explain phonetical assimilation if that's what this is.


The pronunciation is correct now.


Why does the audio sound like "bu le" when it is in a sentence?


Well, YOU think it is bu le.


The 好喝 Word Bank tile is silent and as usual has been silent for the whole session. Even though it's not needed for this answer, I want to hear it anyway. It certainly makes the other questions intolerable, I'm so sick of this I'm dropping duolingo Mandarin. Please inform duo-ok@jovi.net if they ever fix it.


I'm not hungry; but, i'm thirsty.

Proper english.


I think this is the first time I have seen Duo use a semi-colon instead of a comma splice (the latter being ungrammatical in English). So in this situation the semi-colon in the answer given is actually proper English I believe. This is because the second clause is linked to the first and balances it. A conjunction is not required if the semi-colon is correctly used as it is here.


Using a conjunction is also an option but if you are going to use a conjunction such as "but" to join the two independent clauses the semi-colon is not required.

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