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"Eight yuan"


November 18, 2017



Does it not bother anyone else that these exercises are not explicitly telling us what the Chinese words/symbols represent numerically? Other than maybe one or two exercises where you can click on the symbol to see what number it represents???


I wish it would teach me how to write out the characters.


Personally, I zoom in as much as I can (partly due to my poor eyesight) and slowly copy it out on paper. That way, I can take notes for reference and read them when I'm not on the site. I know it may not be the answer you were looking for, but I hope it helps in some way.


Are measure words unnecessary with numbers when talking about money?


yup, you are right. it should be said as 八元 (eight dollars), and NOT something like 八“個”元。


Yes, because the money itself is.


I hope they add more multiple word answers since as it is this type of question just has 3 single character incorrect answers and 1 double character correct answer taking the difficulty away from even guessing making it mindless and not really enforcing the memorization of vocabulary.


I felt confused at first also but then I tapped the light bulb that comes up at the beginning of each lesson. It took me to a short overview of the numbers.


you have to put the translation in the Chinese words and after these explanation of the chinese words the exercise, now you have to pick up the translation in the excercises, so maybe there is someone at duolingo to help people how to do that, so people will learn it more quickly. They are not educators but very helpful for us with their excellent knowledge of the chinese language, and we are very grateful for that!!


Don't know if this is a bug, but I swear I heard the audio say 十元 instead of 八元. Honestly hope it was just me because that was really confusing.


Why do they leave the ansers standing there because you can just tap the w9rd


i typed in 八块 and was told it was incorrect even though it even says that 块 is a correct answer


I feel like questions like this give it away by only having one option that contains two characters. If it were to pair up a few of them to give us more pairs to choose from, it would better ensure that you're learning to identify the characters. I'm not saying the question is bad, just that it should make the choices less of a giveaway


I typed the correct answer but I cant type the accent marks and the program is marking it as incorrect


I entered 八 元, it shows error, is the space between characters mistake?


I know that bā yuán means $8.00 (8 yuan/Eight yuan).


The order of Chinese numbers are lìng,yī,ér,sān,sí,wû,lìu,qī,bā,jíu,shì,and bài(012345678910100.)


I think that bài means 100.


.... I don't think this exercise makes sense?


Eight yuan as in the currency they use. Like saying 8 dollars.


According to Chinese Wikipedia (and Google's rough translation): Eight Yuan refer to "Biefen, Zhongkan, Shu Xian, Ji Zhong, Bohu, Zhongxiong, tertiary leopard, seasonal beaver". According to historical records, they were the "witches" of the emperors. https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%85%AB%E5%85%83


but the yuan in the case that you looked up has a different meaning to it. same words can have different meanings. 元 used on its own meaning, is dollar


Wikipedia is also not the most reliable source. somethings on there are just nonsense.


wow you do a lot of languages. how do you maintain a steady streak on all of them?


not witches smart or talented people


It is so you can remember the word and put it into a sentence kind of


Do you have tips on remembering this


Again only one choice! Put some effort into the multiple choice questions. Or ARE you wasting people's time on purpose?


It's repetition learning. It doesnt matter how many answers thereare. It's conditioning you to associate the words.


Noel435839, if you're talking about Duolingo then you have it all wrong. They try to help us.


What is a yuan? Is it some sort of currency?


it is the currency used in China


I use google translate to learn the words since duolingo isn't telling me what the characters mean!


I have to say I think there should be an additional exercise earlier on for context on these numbers. Also, numbers are sequential so having some structure would be nice!

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