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  5. "我的手机里有一千五百张猫的照片。"


Translation:There are 1,500 cat photos on my cell phone.

November 18, 2017



Finally! A duolingo sentence that is applicable to real life!


"My cellphone has 1500 pictures of cats" is also right, yet it was marked as wrong. Chinese-English translation is a very imperfect science, and it will be a lot of work to add in all possible correct translations. That being said, please add my right answer to your database.


Press the "report" button to report alternatives that should be marked right.


I disagree. Just because 有 can be translated as 'have', doesn't mean that it's always a good idea to do it. 'Have', in English, refers to ownership or a fixed feature. So while you can say 'my phone has 64GB of memory', you can't say that 'my phone has 1500 cat pics', because it's not a feature of the phone (unless it came with 1500 cat pics that cannot be removed). Therefore, there is no reason to mark it as a right answer, because while the listener will probably get what you mean, gramatically the sentence doesn't make much sense.


I think you're overthinking this one.


"Have" here does not necessarily mean the phone has a "fixed feature". Even if you say something like "My phone has 100 apps on it" that doesn't mean it's a fixed feature especially since we can add and remove apps on smartphones.

It's perfectly acceptable to talk about a cell (mobile) phone "having" stuff. It this case, it's more about what "exists" on the phone. "My cellphone has 1500 pictures of cats" means the same as "There are 1500 cat photos on my cellphone". (Who says "in my cellphone"?)


I disagree with you because it says there is 一千五百张猫的照片means that there is 1500 cat pictures, therefore you cant just forget about the one thousand five hundred pictures. its like saying 我电话上有八万五百狗的照片 and then translating it as there are pictures of dogs on my phone


that's....a lot of cat photos......


Damn you must really love cats..


Is no one commenting on the fact that the preposition should be "on" instead of "in"? In the English translation, I mean.


That was odd to me too, and there was no option for me to report unnatural English--only unnatural Chinese.


"...on my phone" is now accepted. But while "on" is certainly more common where I'm from, I've deffinatly heard "in" used in other regions, so I wouldn't say it's unnatural.


I prefer . . . 'in my cell phone." instead. Because the photos are kept inside the memory not jut on the phone say . . . .cover or else. Isn't? Any other opinions?


"In" is definitely more correct from an engineering standpoint and both answers should be accepted, but I am a native speaker and I just do not hear it used. Ever. Are you a native English speaker? If I may ask where from? I asked earlier about which regions it is commonly used in, but never received a reply.


I'm a native speaker, in Michigan. Either in or on the phone sounds perfectly fine. I was actually a little surprised to see "on" in the word bank, instead of "in". Because truthfully, I think that depending on context, one or the other might be preferred. ... Am I discussing storage in my phone, or just the number of these specific photos?... However, it wouldn't be wrong to use either word in those situations, and in this stand-alone sentence, either is certainly fine.


Nope, I am not a native speaker. I just thought "in" located inside of something. Here inside the memory. "On" is located outside say on the skin of something. Again hereb it will be the memory.


It is definitely understandable for you to think it should be "in" as it makes more sense. But, it is just one of the many exceptions in English.


I was thinking that people usually say in my phone instead or in my mobile phone.


I'd be interested to know which regions . . . I've only heard non-native speakers use "in my cellphone."


I had 'on my cellphone there are fifteen hundred cat pictures' marked wrong -- that should be fine too.


I said "There are a thousand and five hundred cat photos in my phone" and it marked it as wrong because I said "a" instead of "1".... my translation should work!


A common problem of DL, always turns 'a' down in the meaning on 'one', even though in 90% cases using 'a' is a more natural way of saying it than 'one'. Though, there's no 'and' between thousands and hundreds in English, there's one between hundreds and tens, if needed. But there's no need for one here.


...eating bananas


a bit excessive if you ask me


After all, the internet is for cat pictures.


What does "张" have to do with this?


It is the count-classifier for photos, which are considered flat objects.


...but it's not the cat counter. So it's irritating that in click mode, 张猫 are linked on the same button. They definitely should be on two separate buttons.


What is "My phone has one 500 photos of cats" supposed to mean? This was given as the "correct" solution but is extremely poor English


It's wrong. It's missing a word. 千 means "thousand."


Did you report it as not sounding natural in the app?


what is the purpose of "张" in the sentence?


It's the counter for pictures.


My cat also has 1,500 of me on his phone too! Jinx!


Crazy cat lady? :-)


I have more pictures of my cats on my phone XD


This person needs help....


Isn't this the boyfriend that loves cat in one of our courses?


Five hundred with s is wrong? Are you sure?


I'm afraid so - "five hundred cats" is right, "five hundreds cats" is wrong.


Yes, we are sure. If you have a specified amount, it is always five hundred, two hunderd, fifteen hundred, etc., never 'five hundreds'.


Use 'hundreds' when you're unsure of the specific quantity, e.g. there are hundreds of cat photos on this phone


"There are a thousand five hundred pictures of cats on my cell phone" was marked wrong. It is a correct translation of this sentence. Please correct.


you, sir... have a p r o b l e m...


Is it important to put " 里 " there

Without 里, it can read : 我的手机有 ( my phone has..) , so, it's not essential to be found there,



this kid needs to get a life. plus, where are the dogs?


Cats are better than dogs! :)




Photos can be in my handphone not necessary on!


为什么?你有毛病吗? =)


IN IN IN IN IN IN the cell phone


Sorry, even in all caps that is not correct. It is by far more common to use ON my cellphone.


Best sentence ever


"In my cell phone there are 1,500 pictures of cats" was marked wrong. It is a correct answer. Please fix.


Why isn't the word "pics" accepted as a translation for 照片?

In a sentence like this, "cat pics" seems far more acceptable than "cat photos" in English.


It's in my cellphone nit on my cellphone.


"On my cellphone" is correct.


"one 500" cat photos. Never heard numbers like that. Sigh


I wrote 'In my phone there are 1500 cat photos' and it was corrected to 'My phone has one 500 cat photos'. Can you please remove that translation, because it's wrong on so many levels that I don't even know where to start... First of all, my phone doesn't really have those cat photos, but they are in the phone. The phone doesn't own them neither are they the phone's feature, therefore it's not good to use 'have' in this sentence at all. To the number... First of all, I find it weird that DL doesn't pay attention to punctuation at all anywhere else in the course, but here the comma between 1 and 5 seems to be the reason why the system does not understand the number. Secondly, when '500' is accepted as a number, do not try to correct '1' to 'one'. In English you never write a part of a number in numbers and a part of it in words, and I very much doubt that you do in any other language. Thirdly, 'in my phone' can stand in the beginning or in the end of the sentence and both options are correct. And lastly, DL, please DO UPDATE THE ANSWERS AS THEY ARE REPORTED. We try to help improving the course with reporting problems, but it gets frustrating to see that one problem has been reported several times since months ago and still hasn't been fixed.


We say something is "on" my phone, not "in" my phone; "on" should be acceptable but it was marked wrong.


"there are 1500 pictures of a cat on my phone" Come onnnnnnn!!! That's BS! Why is that wrong?!?


It's not 1500 pictures of one cat, that's why. That would be said as something like



"In my mobile phone are 1500 photos of cats." corrected to "My mobile phone has 1500 cat photos"


Your answer was incorrect English.


How exactly is it incorrect? Asking as a native English speaker...


You should say 'In my mobile phone there are (...)'.


You're right on this, Karoliina. Using "there are …" is the proper grammatical way to say this. For casual conversation you could maybe get away with cutting out the "there", but not in writing.


I'm pretty sure it's used even in written English. It's just a certain style of description.


That's one option, but the other is grammatically correct as well.


This is the first time I hear that.


Nothing wrong with your answer in my opinion. It's the same as saying something like "In the room are twenty people. Ten of them are wearing blue,.."


There's many right answers. The wrong thing is the usage of memory!


this answer should be accepted: "my handphone has a thousand five hundred pictures of cats"


It's not a "handphone" in English. It's a cell phone, cellular phone, or mobile phone. You also can't have "a" thousand five hundred anything, you can have "a thousand" or you can have "one thousand five hundred x." "Cat pictures" and "pictures of cats" are interchangeable - in that, you are correct.


"Handphone" is pseudo-English used in Korea and Singapore, a bit like "Handy" is pseudo-English used in German-speaking countries. Neither are used by native English speakers.

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