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  5. "我要穿什么去这个派对?"


Translation:What should I wear to go to this party?

November 18, 2017



"What should I wear to this party?" is also a correct answer, please add to your answer bank


That's accepted now


Yep. Once again, qù translates into the preposition "to" in English.


要 = should ??? are you trying to drive me mad?


Why is "What do i need to wear to go to this party" wrong?


"What do I need to wear to this party?" Marked wrong 2019-03-23. Reported.

应该 = "Should" whereas 要= ”must/need/want" depending on context.


The only parts wrong are the spurious "go to" and your lower case I.


I agree. Countless times in the past, I've pondered the question writers' mindsets: do they want 要 to mean want, will/going (future), or need. Should I use "should," because that's appropriate in English, or are they trying to be pedagogic with odd and awkward questions? It would be very helpful if they had a clear and consistent usage of such ambiguous terms across questions, or at least explanations for their logic in specific instances.


No two languages have a one to one correspondence between words. What are seeing here is that 要 usually corresponds to want/need/will in English. This question in Chinese is one I might ask a friend. Using want need or will in the English question doesn't work. Thus they are giving us the equivalent meaning in English. We will run into many more of these... Hopefully understanding this will also help us be more tolerant and encouraging to people who are learning each of our languages:-).


Don't hold your breath.


It fits in English, so why not? Ditto for "do."


Ikr fekkin duolingo


because it's worded as "这个派对“, it should be translated to "this party"


"what should I wear to the party" was rejected but I think should be accepted


The 这 makes it 'this' party.


When you get a "wrong" answer that you think should be acceptable, don't forget to hit the little report button to let the developers know. These comments are helpful for us students to know we were on the right track, but the developers don't really look at them. If you want a developer to add a correct answer, you need to report it.


Of course the developers look at them. Who at Duolingo told you otherwise?

[deactivated user]

    Or = this, with 那个 = that.


    Can I also say "我應該穿什麼去這個派對?“ or would "應該“ be awkward in this sentence?


    "What will I wear to this party?" Why is this wrong?


    It's not wrong at all. Hopefully they'll had it to the answer bank.


    I've never heard anyone say "What will I wear to this party?"

    ".... this party" would imply that you are already at the party and hopefully wearing an appropriate attire.


    "What should I wear to go to this party ?"


    This course is infuriating because sometimes it expects literal answers and will mark natural translations incorrectly while at other times the literal translations are marked incorrect.


    Is "What do I want to where to this party?" or "What do I need to wear for this party?" also an acceptable answer? I guess that would depend on the context. I thought the speaker was talking to themselves, instead of asking someone else.

    Also, why does 要 mean 'should' in this sentence rather than it's usual meaning of 'want' or 'need'?


    If you look up 要 in most any dictionary, you'll see that it has a bunch of meanings including "should". In this sentence, whether the speaker is asking someone else or themself, they're really asking "What's the best/ proper thing to wear". I think most English speakers would use "should" in this situation.


    buzzz. What should I wear to the party? A correct answer, also, What should I wear for this party.? Correct answer. If one uses "for", then one must needs to use "this", otherwise use "to".


    https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/要 suggests: 1) to want; to wish; to need: to demand 2) will; going to (future auxiliary) 3) about to 4) should; to must; to have to as in: 不要喝酒。 ― Bùyào hē jiǔ. ― Don't drink alcohol.


    Won't accept "what #shall# I wear.." july 2019


    "What do I wear to this party?" REJECTED


    Geeze... sounds like my girlfriend


    What should I wear going to this party, was rejected. Why?


    I have heard that "派对" isn't actually used by most Chinese speakers. Anybody know the actual term that would be? Or when this term would actually be used?


    Hmm I was in Taiwan for three months just over a year ago and it was used a lot. But there's a chance it was me using it because I learned it from Duolingo and the locals just understood me. Hmm...


    What should I wear to the party


    I personally think "to this party" is more correct than "to the party". 这个 is very specifically "this", not "the".


    So how would the chinese have put "the party" then?


    just "派对". Mandarin doesn't generally use articles like "the"


    It's nothing to do with generally or not generally. Chinese simply doesn't have articles. The closest thing that it does have is the words for "this' and "that". It's the same across many languages.


    It's translated into equivalent English, not a literal translation, in this case, it would seem...


    It appears Duolingo has introduced a set of cards rather than the free format in the web version since yesterday. Acceptable solutions should have been dramatically limited, but I failed this with a sentence "What clothes should I wear for the party?" I propose to drop the card of "clothes" here.


    我要穿什么 means "what do I need to wear" while 我应该穿什么 means "what should i wear"


    I disagree, there's a fair amount of overlap between them, and you'll find that "should" is one of the MANY definitions of 要.


    ❤❤❤❤ you duolingo. I thought should=yinggai need to/want = yao can/will = hui


    "What do I need to wear to go to this party" is not accepted, but it is a correct translation.

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