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  5. "对不起,我们周末关门。"


Translation:Sorry, we are closed on weekends.

November 18, 2017



Wow, you poor people are going to have a lot of work to do, aren't you? "I'm sorry, we're closed on the weekend" is also a right answer, please add to your answer bank. 辛苦辛苦! But THANK YOU for doing all this!


"Sorry, we are closed on the weekend" should be accepted, it's as grammatical correct as saying "on weekends". Reported.


And that was 10 months ago. Do they ever read these threads? Do they ever update the answers? No. No. No.

Another acceptable answer should be "we are not open on the weekend", because in English people often say that rather than 'closed'. Not open, or closed, means the same thing anyway.

Wake up Duolingo, you have a great learning method here, but it is ruined by the lack of diversity in English answers. Meanwhile you keep asking people to join up and pay for the course. I would, but not as it stands, the lack of English answers is irritating, and you seem to do nothing about it. The rest of the course design is better than most on the internet however.

But why do you take so much time to act on this?


I don't believe they read the threads. You have to report it by using the flag symbol. I have corrected a lot translations that way.


Same here. I've received many emails from them saying that they updated answers!


They do update the answers, they just don't do it on your schedule. They take some time to winnow out the actually correct "my answer should be accepted" reports from the heap. Boo frickin' hoo.


I'm Chinese, I wrote, we close on weekends and its correct. Duolingo should change this


There is nothing incorrect with the grammar and meaning of "We close on weekends." It basically omits "the shop" after "close" because it is assumed

"We are closed on weekends", this "we" refers to "the shop" and not the owner(s) or employee(s).

If "we" is replaced as follows: "The employees are closed on weekends." makes no sense


"at the weekend" is the correct way to say this in UK English


The drop down hints note that 您 is to be used in more formal situations, which is interesting. Does anyone know of some times you'd opt for 您 over 你 in daily life in China?


As you said, 您 is used formally. For instance, when my students write me a note, they use 您 because of my social position relative to theirs. I would also use 您 when addressing someone several years older than me, or when meeting someone for the first time.


I like all your comments Jerry

I am going to and should follow you !

I finally am sure, Jerry

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Apparently the "My answer should be accepted" option is gone, as is "discuss" if you get a sentence wrong. That seems counterproductive. I wrote "....closed on the weekend" which, in English, is the same as "closed on weekends" in almost all cases, certainly when what is being discussed is when a store is closed.


"Closed on the weekend" is of course correct.




Sorry we are not open on the weekend is the same.... In fact it should not say weekends as it does not say 周末都关门。。。


Why the past tense? I don't see the indicators. "Sorry, we close on weekends" seems fine to me.


Your answer is indeed fine. "We're closed" is not past tense, however; closed is used as an adjective here.


It's a little less usual in English than the "We're closed" version but it does sound acceptable to me.


Reported. "Sorry, we're closed on the weekends" should be an acceptable translation.


'closed for the weekend' was marked wrong, but should be accepted


Okay it's a year later and 'on the weekend' is still WRONG. Is anyone home?


And it still is as of 10 Dec 2019


I said, "Sorry, we are closed on the weekend." That was counted wrong... Reported.


In the listening exercise "Tap what you hear" I hear the man say at 周末: zhōng; not zhōu. Submitted: Nov. 23, 2019, 12.44


" sorry we're close on weekends" was not accepted.. tell me why?


"don't open" and "closed" are the same?! "Sorry we don't open on weekends" was not accepted.


I dont want to sound snarky like the prick who posted before me but yeah, "we're closed/open is perfectly acceptable and perhaps more common (in the case of Australia, anyway)


"Sorry, we're closed at weekends. "

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That would be wrong always. We never say "at weekends" in English. It's always "on" or "on the."


Simply not true. Cambridge dictionary accepts "at weekends". Merriam -Webster and OED also accept as normal "at the weekend", as well as "on the weekend" and "on weekends"https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/75466/at-on-the-weekends


I agree, I'd always say "at the weekend" and not "on the weekend".


May I ask which region you're from? Not to criticize, I'm just facinated by these disagreements that almost always point to subtle variations within English dialects that people usually aren't conscioualy aware of.

I'm a native speaker of west coast Canadian English and here the, "at the weekend," usage would be wrong but understood.


I'm from the UK. Specifically the East Midlands. I'd definitely understand "on the weekend" (probably due to having watched North American TV and movies) if someone said it. There may be some edge case where I'd say "on" but I'm struggling to think of one.


I agree, I'm also based in the East Midlands but originally from Southern England. 'On' wouldn't sound as oddly American for us to say as some other phrases on here, but 'at' is definitely the usual way to say it. Only applies to weekends though; 'at Monday' wouldn't work at all :)


'At' is standard British English. I have lived in the East Midlands, Northern Ireland, and different parts of Scotland and Northern England and 'at the weekend' would be the first choice in all places.


"weekends" could also be "the weekend" or "the weekends"


Why not "sorry, we're closed in the weekend" ?


You might say they are closed "on the weekend" or "at the weekend" or "over the weekend" according to the context, but I have never heard anyone say "in the weekend"


Submitted "Sorry, we are closed on the weekend" as another correct solution. Thank Duolingo for making this better by the week.


"Shut" is a synonym of "closed", at least when it comes to stores' opening hours.


"sorry, we close doors on the weekend" should be correct


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