"We love cooking Chinese food."


November 18, 2017

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This sentence is not natural in Chinese. there should be a 都 after 我们, and 中国菜 is more common. 我们都爱做中国菜。


I think that I reported the missing 菜 yesterday.


菜 was accepted for me.


Yes, should definitely be 中国菜 (Zhong1Guo2Cai4) instead of 中国饭 (Zhong1Guo2Fan4).


Why is 都 needed if the sentence doesn't use the word "all" or imply many people (more than two)? To me this seems you guys are saying 都 should always come after 我们. What if I'm only talking about me and one other person?


What is the pinyin?


As Chinese, we don't use 中国饭 for Chinese food, 中国菜 is fine, but I feel like 中餐 is more native. I agree to put 都 behind 我们


Why doesn't it need a 的? Wouldn't that make it a description of the food? 中国饭 sounds to me like "China food" instead of "Chinese food" which seems to be implying a location rather than a style of cuisine.


中国+N and 中国的+N both has the effect of "Chinese"+N. In fact the pattern without 的 implies an even closer integration between "China/Chinese" and the noun. 中国的菜 would more likely mean "the dishes of China" than 中国菜 does.


Interesting. Thank you for the response. Although that makes sense, would it be wrong to say 中国的? It counted the 的 as wrong in my sentence, rather than a possible answer.


I would not say it is wrong, but it is really not quite natural indeed. We seldom add 的 in the phrase "Chinese cuisine", as it is almost a compound noun.

After all, personally I don't think that foreign learners should have an unproportioned concern on the matter of omitting 的, as it rarely would make your sentence so wrong that it is incomprehensible (not that it never would). Correct sentence syntax for example is much more important.

For the matter of omitting的, please make reference to this thread. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25480888


Thank you for all your help :)


Now accepted : 我们爱做中国菜


"Cooking" is “做菜” right?

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