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  5. "我不吃肉。"


Translation:I don't eat meat.

November 18, 2017



"I eat a vegan diet" (no animal products): "我吃素” (wǒchīsù)

"I eat a vegetarian diet" (eggs and milk are OK): "我吃蛋奶素" (wǒchīdànnǎisù)

> Though in Chinese, "素" tends to connote Buddhist vegetarian ("素" literally means plain / elemental), wherein garlic and onions are grouped together with meat as being off-limits.

> In Taiwan if you want to communicate that you are OK with garlic and onions, you could say "我吃健康素" (wǒchījiànkāngsù), which is literally "I eat healthy vegetarian" i.e. I eat it for heath reasons, not religious (and hence the religious restrictions on garlic and onions doesn't apply to you).


Thanks! Funnily enough, when I run 我吃蛋奶素 through Google translate, it gives me "I eat custard" xD


Xiexie. Very informative


How do i say "I am allergic to meat." or "I have an alpha galactosidase allergy." in Chinese? I know how to say I'm vegan but don't know how to say why it's important I don't get tricked into eating meat.




wo3 dui4 rou4 guo4min3


When I find a vegetarian dish that is not steamed vegetable with a side of chicken... I'll know I'm not in a Chinese restaurant.

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