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Tv shows in french

Hi does anyone know some good popular American tv shows such as vampire diaries, american horror story etc that has a French Dub and English subtitles?

Or any popular movies would work too!


November 18, 2017



I don't know how to find the dubbed version of your suggestions, but try Miraculous Ladybug: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. The one on my TV is English dubbed, but I think you can find the French one on the internet


oh yes my friend's sister watches that i think. thanks!



I think that will be pretty hard to find something like that, generally it's French dub or English dub with English or French subs. Maybe you've to find a French show, something like Wakfu, it's the only I've in head to be honest.


Thank you I will try watching it!


If you can find Canadian dvd versions, that might be your best bet. They typically have a Quebecois dub and "France-French" subtitles, in addition to the English audio & subtitles.


I will try find some thanks!

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It's not unusual for Blu-rays to have numerous dubs subtitles. There's a lot of space on those disks, so publishers are more likely to have a lot of them.

In the US Netflix service, many shows labeled "Netflix original" will have both dubs subtitles available in English, Spanish, French, and generally a few more languages. Generally this isn't the case for shows that aren't labeled "Netflix original", although there are exceptions (I recently re-watched the first season of "The Good Place" on Netflix in French). You might check with someone with Netflix in your country to see if that's the same there.

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