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  5. "찬장은 많지 않아요."

"찬장은 많지 않아요."

Translation:There are not a lot of cabinets.

November 18, 2017



饌欌은 많지 않아요


Can I say “찬장은 많이 없어요.”?


Why not 많이? Why it should be 많지 ?


There are not many cabinet. Whe igo andweeechiiiiii?


can someone explain why 'there aren't many cabinets' is wrong


My guess (not 100% sure) is DLG wants to highlight the meaning of the suffix "-지". It is a clause nominalizer that transforms the attached clause into a noun-phrase/phrasal noun (or gerund phrase, in English).

(1) [... 은/는] 많지 = a lot [of ...] (noun)

않아요 = it is not

많지 않아요 = It is not a lot

▪찬장은 많지 않아요 = Lit. Speaking of cabinets, it is not a lot => There are not a lot of cabinets (by inference)


(2) 많이 = much/many; a lot of (adverb)

▪찬장은 많이 없어요. Lit. Speaking of cabinets, there are not many. There are not many cabinets


(3) 별로= (not)particularly; not really (adverb, downtoner for negative sentences).

▪별로 찬장은 없어요./찬장은 별로 없어요 (별로요). There is really no cabinets.

▪별로 찬장은 많이 없어요./찬장은 별로 많이 없어요 (/많이 별로요). There are not really many cabinets

▪별로 아무 찬장도 없어요./아무 찬장도 별로 없어요 (/별로요). There are not really any cabinets.

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