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November 18, 2017



Sieze the means of production, yo.


if you are interested, there is even better word: 공산주의 - communism. Or the absolute socio-political gamebreaker, 주체사상 - the Juche idea


What does -주의 mean?


What's the Korean word for capitalism?

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    (Chinese transliteration)

    주 - chief, main

    의 - idea(s), line of thought (thinking, reasoning)

    주의 can be used to mean:

    . On its own: Notice

    . As a suffix: Ideology, tenet, dogma etc. [-ism]


    It can be compared to English's -ism. Capitalism = 자본주의 (資本主義, capital 자본, ism 주의)


    "absolute socio-political gamebreaker" I love that


    Staszek, I do not understand. Why is it - communism - a better word? Better than what?


    Yes my comrades! Viva la révolution !


    What's the etymology of this word?


    I saw in the next lesson that the word for socialism is related to the word for society.


    Very roughly, 사(社) means a company, shrine or whatever, 회(會) means meeting, and together they make society. 주(主) can mean lord but usually main, 의(義) means noble teaching, and together they make -ism.


    So 의 is a diphthong (strong 으+[j]) at the beginning of a word, sounds like 에 for the possessive particle and sounds like 이 when part of a word that isn't at the beginning? Is that a good summary?


    Yes, you're absolutely correct. Anyway, if someone wants to read more, it's explained in great detail here


    I never gave that site a serious look before. It's very thorough, especially with the inclusion of numerous phonological rules. 의의의 is my new favorite word in Korean.


    Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money.


    There is a Chinese communist song called "Socialism is Good", guess that was a reference to it

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    사회주의은 전부 완전 실패작이었다. Liberty Prime 온라인


    Socialism is the economic system of North Korea, not South Korea, obviously.


    That depends on how much you want to dig into it. But they might argue that it's Juche(ism). The Soviet Union didn't even spend very long trying to support them, as all they really wanted to emulate was dynastic Stalinism.


    Term 'socialism' is used very often by Koreans from the North. No one in North Korea would try to correct you if you said that their country is a socialist country. I dare to say that they use word 'socialism' more often than 'Juche'.

    And it is not true that the Soviets didn't support them. It is true, that unlike any other country of the Eastern Bloc, North Korea was free from direct influences of Soviet Union. They managed to loosen diplomatic and political ties somewhere in the 1960's (quite notably, concerning that everyone in the Korean government was appointed directly by a Soviet ambassador some 15 years prior). Nonetheless, Russians were sending them tons of stuff (grain, machinery, vehicles and other products) for free until the collapse of the SU, because they feared that North Korea would ally with China (China and Soviet Union, despite being both communist, were quite hostile towards each other). Long story short, China and SU were trying to drag NK into their spheres of influence, and Koreans were profitting tremendously on that, while not giving anything in return nor allying with anyone, diverging onto their own political and social path instead.

    Today, North Korea and China are on somewhat friendly terms (not as friendly as most would think), but only since recently.

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