"Where is the bill?"

Translation:계산서는 어디에 있나요?

November 18, 2017

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What does 나요 mean?


a korean should correct me if i'm wrong as i'm going on intuition. but 나다 usually indicates something is occuring, or in the process of happening. for example 일다 is to be awake, 일어나다 is to wake up.

so i think the implication here is that the bill is taking a long time to appear


Whatever you said is correct but,

HERE 나요 is a common polite ending used for asking questions.


計算書는 어디에 있나요?


I said "계산서는 어디있어요?" and it corrected me, saying I missed a space, and that it should be "계산서는 어디 있어요?". But in another example, the answer included "어디있어요" with no space ("계산대는 어디있어요?" = "Where is the checkout?). So, which is it?

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