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  5. "姐姐的男朋友很矮。"


Translation:Older sister's boyfriend is short.

November 18, 2017


[deactivated user]

    "My elder sister's boyfriend is very short" should be considered.


    Yep, Duolingo just started and staff is working diligently. Lets give them some slack and report it.


    Audio issues on the last word


    Yeah, I have noticed that the audio for "矮" is butchered at the beginning of the syllable whenever it reads this word in the context of a sentence. It's fine when it just reads the one character in isolation.

    I reported it. We'll see if it gets fixed...there seems to be a very poor track record for getting any of these types of bugs fixed...there were a lot of issues in the Portuguese course and they went un-addressed for months and months until they finally just got a totally new TTS that fixed all the problems (and was much better overall).


    Chinese is hard. As it could also mean my older cousin (female)


    Female older cousin (from mother's side) is 表姐. (堂姐 if father's side)


    Elder.... Not older

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