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  5. "弟弟矮不矮?"


Translation:Is the younger brother short?

November 18, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I think "Is your little brother short?" should also be accepted, given that "弟弟" does not contain a possessive particle and could be inferred to be the listener.


    As a native I would not omit 你 if I talk about the brother of the listener.


    Would you ever ask this question though if you were not talking about someone's specific younger brother?


    If I talk to a person outside my family about my own younger brother, I will need to say 我弟弟 or 我的弟弟.

    "我的弟弟矮不矮? " is a valid question if I want someone, say a peer, to give that judgement.


    This is a weird question to ask


    A possible scenario is, 2 sisters talking about their younger brother who fails to get a date.


    The audio is butchered when it pronounces the whole sentence. It seems to always pronounce "矮" in a choppy way in a whole sentence. I reported it.


    Correct pronunciation is

    didi ai bu ai

    What I heard is

    didi dai bu yai

    I think it is probably a problem of recording quality? I am now a bit worry about the sounds in the Korean course... I have no idea what Korean sounds should be like.

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