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  5. "Je me sens bien maintenant."

"Je me sens bien maintenant."

Translation:I feel fine now.

March 15, 2013



Why doesn't 'I smell good now' work? I/you smell is given as a translation as well.


Here, it's « se sentir » and not « sentir ». It's really rare to translate « se sentir » as “smell”, it almost always means “feel”. More over, if you want to use “smell” for « se sentir », you need to say “to smell oneself” (which is not that usual...).


I read that in intransitive form sentir can only mean smell, whereas in intransitive form it can mean to feel as well. I think, by adding 'me' we change the context to 'feel'. Google's translation for "I smell good" is "je sens bien" and for "I feel good" is "je me sens bien". I am not sure though if my reasoning is correct here.


I feel fine right now should work


Agree... I'm going to report it now, so let's see.


Why not nowadays?


Because nowadays specifies a more longer range in time but the above translation is talking about THIS present moment.

[deactivated user]

    why doesn't "I feel okay now" work?


    That should work also. However, It would be a TASK to implement every possible solution to this sentence since "fine" or "good" have so many different synonyms in english.


    can this be an answer to ça va?


    Ça va means more «how's it going», so migbt might be a little strange. A better answer that would be "ça va bien" (It's going well)
    For an English example, friend 1 says "How's a going," and friend 2 says, "I feel fine now."

    It wouldn't be that bad though. If the example didn't seem stange to you, go ahead and use that response.


    Can someone please explain why 'me' was used with 'je' in this sentence? Thank you!


    I gave the same answer as you but marked wrong


    I answered "I feel well now" it was incorrect. Is there a difference between fine and well? I usually respond with well when someone inquires as to how I am feeling.

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