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  5. "你的电话是五六七八吗?"


Translation:Is your telephone number 5678?

November 18, 2017



Just 4 digits!? Buddy, she gave you a fake one...


"Is your phone number 5678?" should also be accepted in my opinion


That was marked correct for me just now

[deactivated user]

    right on bro!


    I just put the same thing and they said that it was wrong. Maybe it was because they weren't expecting me to have the question mark.


    the voice speaks too fast in these exercises


    It's actually quite slow compared to everyday speech! And I think, particularly, that this isn't good, actually! I've been using this app plus the audio from my Chinese class here in China (also slow) and I still can barely understand real people talking! I guess the best thing would be having speed selection so you can hear slowly to grasp the pronunciation but also fast to grasp the hearing! But for me, I'd rather have the fast (natural) sound first!

    I do think these audios are very bad and hope they can get better in the future!

    1. There's no pinyin, which I think is mandatory for learning the standard pronunciation (I mean, the tips should really have pinyin for every single character)! The rare occasions they show pinyin, it's wrong (旅 is supposed to be lǚ, not lǔ)

    2. It's machine sound, very unnatural! It misses several things like the change of tones for 不 and 一! I've heard 给 as "jay" once!

    Some people may be able to understand pronunciation only by listening! For me, what helped a lot was looking for actual explanations of the pinyin, where to put your tongue, how to move your lips, how to blow the air! That improved my pronunciation a lot! The rest is repetition to make your muscles used you those new movements!


    A lot of the languages have a "slow" playback button, which is really nice. Maybe because this is still in Beta they haven't added one yet? Let's hope! :)


    Under 电话 , there's "telephone/phone", which is completely and obviously not "number" which I put and was accepted.

    How come ?


    I just put that and it was marked wrong. But there is no hao ma in the Chinese question.


    Yes I thought so too


    The correct answer should be 你的电话号码是五六七八吗


    When does it determine if it's "phone vs telephone? Since it's always "dian hua" in Mandarin.


    Why " Is 5678 your telephone number ?" wrong?


    Did you report it?


    I get green from a translation that has the phone number as 568. Instead, I think this should be a wrong answer and not fed back as simply a typo. I have missed an entire character and this, I think, is an error.


    the lower letter "i" in "is your phone number 5678?" seems to mark the question incorrectly


    I put my answer all in lower case and it was accepted. I think your problem might be using "phone" instead of "telephone". In all the Duo courses I have done so far they do not care about upper and lower case.


    I still used my computer and it marked my use of a lowercase "i" wrong


    Weird. For me it never cares about upper/lower case letters...


    I am just redoing this lesson and I started the answer with "i" not "I" and it is still accepted as correct.


    I used "phone" and it was accepted.


    What about is 5678 your telephone number?


    It doesn't say number =(


    I wrote "My number is 1234" and it was accepted.


    You are thinking of a different sentence. This one is “Is your telephone number 5678?” Duolingo may accept “Is your number 5678?” The English shortcut for phone number is number, but the Chinese shortcut for phone number seems to be their characters for phone.


    It shud be 'is your telephone 5678 ?' , cuz the chinese phrase only has the word 'telephone' in it and not the word 'number'


    Different languages use different expressions to say telephone number: in Chinese they can shorten it to telephone and in English we shorten it to number.


    Why was 吗 used instead of 多少? I thought 多少 was the interrogative word that is supposed to be used with numerical values.


    He's asking a yes/no question, that's what 吗 does, a confirmation! If the question was what the number is, then it would be 多少


    It í great if the app can show meaning of word when we learn single word. I only can get the pronounciation and chinese word but no meaning in English. Thanks.


    I am not English speaking, but "Your phone number is it 5678?" is that also correct? Not what the computer tells me!!


    What is the sign for number in the Chinese sentence?


    I don't think there is one. The point is that in English we would include the word "number" after telephone/phone (in fact we probably would leave out "phone" and just say "number"). So the word "number" has been included in the correct answer just to make it a sensible English sentence.


    There isn't one in this sentence. In Chinese "number" can be omitted because it's understood here. But in English you can't ask "Is your telephone 5678?" so we need to add "number". However, in English we can say "is your number 5678" without saying "phone" and completely understood, causing confusion for plenty of beginning English learners.


    why the verb to be is enclosed now? sometimes it is skipped, sometimes it is included why?


    Oh no glad to see im not the only one who said "phone" instead of "telephone" and got this wrong


    “Your phone number is 5678.” should also be accepted as correct.


    It should be dian hua hao ma instead of just dian hua right?


    I feel the word "number" is unnecessary. Just like in the Chinese phrase it may be omitted.


    In English we do not think it is unnecessary and would often omit the word “phone” instead.


    Is your number 5678? should also be correct. It's a yes / no question


    Does anyone not here the last character ma?


    I noticed that sometimes it's written "电话" and sometimes it's "电话号码“. I think I understand that 电话 is telephone and 号码 is number, however, can we just omit to say number and still be understood ? Like "is your phone 5678" ?


    No, in English the shorter expression for “phone number” is “number” while in Chinese the shorter expression appears to be “phone”.


    Is"Is your phone number is 5678" wrong?


    You have the verb “is” twice!


    "Is your phone number is 6789" wrong answer


    I would say a better way of asking for someone s number would be 电话号码?


    "is your phone number 5678?" Should be an option for correct answer.


    Sure with a capital for the first letter of the sentence, then it could be reported as also correct.


    are you kidding me?


    I'm confused because it says my telephone is "..." (<- the number) but that does not make sense your telephone cannot be a number it's your telephone (or phone) number that's a number. Like do you actually hear people say my telephone (phone) is "..."?! cuz I don't and I speak native English. If people somewhere actually say that then oh, but honestly where I live people say my phone number is "..." and you can even not say phone and just "my number is "..." ", but I have never before heard anyone say that their phone is "..." So yeah.


    我:你的电话是五六七八吗? 你:我的电话是二四五八。 If you can understand this we're going pretty well! I've been learning Chinese for 2 days


    Because I chose the separate dian hua instead of dianhua as one tile it was incorrect...


    I said Os instead of Is. ❤❤❤❤


    I write exactly and went wrong...!?


    It literally does not say phone number. It just asks if your phone is a bunch of numbers. I will get this question wrong in protest every time.


    Sad for you, they won’t be changing it. You often cannot translate literally from one language to another. It is typical in English to often omit the word “phone” from “phone number” and it is typical in Chinese to often omit the word “number” from “phone number”, so we must translate expression for expression.

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