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  5. "你喝什么?"


Translation:What do you drink?

November 18, 2017



But when we ask others what do they want to drink, we also say 你喝甚麼? Of course add 請問 before is more polite. 請問你喝甚麼 can be understand as "What do you drink?" or "What do you want to drink?"


If you said something like "請問你喝什麽?" I would interpret it as "Excuse me, what are you drinking" If I wanted to know what this person wants to drink I would add the word 要 or 想 in front of the verb.

It's important for foreigners to also recognise that Chinese verbs like English ones tend to be in a present continuous form. Some might argue that it's only present form when you add 在 in front of the verb, but people tend to just interpret it as present tense regardless of whether you add 在 or not. Other tenses would use characters such as 會 and 了.

I would say though, the use of 想 is more prevalent in HK affected Chinese (I'm from HK), whereas with Mainland Chinese it's more common to use 要 when you ask someone what they want.

Also, not many people use 甚 for 甚麼 even in regions that use the traditional Chinese script. You're not wrong to use it, but most people use 什 for 什麼. There are phrases where you can only use 甚 but this isn't one of them. It's the same as the traditional character for 十 which is 拾. It's the traditional character for it but no one uses it except during scenarios such as banking.


Thank you for the Traditional Chinese! This simplified is freaking me out!


It's supposed to be "what are you drinking"


No. There's no 在 in the Chinese sentence.


Would you like something to drink... This is definitely right, "what do you drink"... I only use this sentence when I was 8 years old, just started learning English.


@Shuai - my my!! We are barely understanding Chinese characters here, and you've already reached "Would you like.." and all.. Quick work, my friend. :-)


Can this also be what are drinking


Also what are you drinking


Another way is what are you going to drink. I wrote it and it showed me the other correct solution


I often see 什么 for when asking a question, do those characters always go at the end to show a question?


I think it means 'what'

To show a question a sentence usually ends with 'ma'


it said "ni he shenme", which is literaly "you drink what" but when i typed it in it said i was wrong


I assume you are not an English speaker, because the grammar in English and that in Chinese are totally different, you cannot directly translate Chinese to English in Chinese grammar.


I put You drink what its basically the same!


Report it.

But nizzle1931 is right. ni he shenme (你喝什么) can also be spoken as a sentence, which translates to something like "you drink something". Since a non-question form exists for this sentence, it's best not to drop the question mark.


Since the term shénme is in the sentence and it ends with a question mark your answer needs to be in question form.

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