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  5. "你们收信用卡吗?"


Translation:Do you take credit cards?

November 18, 2017



Why "Do you accept credit card" was not accepted?


Same here, it's more natural than take in my opinion.


Because its "acceptED". Its not in the past


It's not correct English to ask it that way because there is no article


As a native speaker, I think this sentence is a bit misleading.

The one who contributed this sentence should know that "收" actually matches the word "receive" better. The cashier does receive your cash if you pay with cash. But he doesn't really receive your credit card.

This sentence sounds like you are asking "Do you collect (junk) credit cards?"

Better alternatives: 我可以用信用卡吗?Can I use credit cards? 可以刷信用卡吗?Can I swipe credit cards? (Yes, you swipe your credit card on the pos machine, don't you? 刷 (swipe) is a common verb to express the usage of key cards or credit cards.)


信用卡好吗? is another simple alternative.


"Do you take credit card" isn't accepted either (just not pluralised). Maybe this is incorrect english? I feel like it can be both. Thanks!


It's incorrect, you have to say 'credit cardS' :)


How about just 'do you take cards?' surely that should be allowed?


I agree. You are more than likely to ask that question at a cashier (or when entering a store/restaurant) and then it's quite obvious what kind of card you mean.


But there are other cards than credit cards. In Germany most stores accept normal cards, but not many accept credit cards. In korea there are also different kinds of cards, so I assume it's the same in China?


I was reffering to what I assume you mean with 'normal cards': whatever card you can pay with - credit, debit, etc.


No, normal cards (EC-cards) are cards that directly take money from your account. Credit cards are not normal where I live - everyone has an EC-card, but not everyone has a credit card. If you go to a store here and ask them: "Do you take cards?" they'll assume you mean EC-cards. If you mean credit cards, you'd have to specify that. (I'm only mentioning that, because in Korea I also only used my korean EC-card and China is an asian country as well.)


Could you ask: 你们收信用吗 "Do you accept credit" Excluding: 卡(cards) Would that sound wierd to a native?


Yes. You need to have '卡' with '信用'. Otherwise it would just be weird where you are asking if they want to accept your credibility as a payment.


"Do you take a credit card?" isn't accepted yet.


It's kinda weird to say it like that.


Just used accepted. Regected, my patience is running thin with this ridgid translation. Learn a languagd before trying to run a language site


The word accept should also be accepted!!!


I don't understand why you want to teach people how to speak like a bunch of Texans


Judging by the rudeness, I think there's a lot you don't understand.

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