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  5. "谁踢足球踢得最好?"


Translation:Who plays soccer the best?

November 18, 2017



"Soccer" is known as "football" in many parts of the world.


That's correct, but since DuoLingo is an American app, it uses American English. That is why it's "soccer".


it accepts football, at least now


General feedback: can you please provide an option for slower playback of the audio? It would be unbelievably helpful!


Agree. At least, Duolingo's English from Japanese has such function. So far, I use Google Translate that has a slower audio function.


Yes, i do this too, constantly. It would be generally helpful if Duo could offer slower reading of the sentences, and a somewhat more elaborate explanation of what each character means, like how i get from dissecting each character in google translate.


why is 踢 repeated?


The 得 structure requires the verb to be repeated directly before the 得 if the verb has an object. As far as I know you may drop the first verb, but never the one before the 得. Then it would be something like this: 谁足球踢得最好?

But better have a native confirm this theory :D


What is the 得 structure? The 得 already appeared in the previous lesson. I need more information such as in the Tips and notes section.


Verb + 得 + modifier.
It is a way to modify verbs.


踢足球 is to play (literally kick) football, so 踢得最好means who 'kicks' the best. Just repeat the verb from the previous part and add 得 to it.


That's right as far as I know (I'm not a native speaker).


The grammar can be found in Chinese Grammar Wiki's Degree Complement article at https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/Degree_complement#Degree_Complements_with_Objects. Both the verbal complement ("得最好") and verbal object ("足球") must be adjacent to the verb, which can be accomplished by duplicating the verb.

This sentence is literally "Who plays football, plays the best?"


"Who plays football the best?" Got this wrong... Football is football, not hand-egg.


Grow up. The word "soccer" was invented by the English and adopted by the Yanks because their own brand of football was already well established. Everyone in the world knows what "soccer" means. However, to agree with you, "football" should be accepted here.


I like how you don't play soccer in Mandarin. You kick soccer. :)


Yeah you kick a soccer ball


Technically, you kick a football. Only Americans refer to it as soccer.


I couldn't reply to your last response so I'm posting this here: I'm sending my apologies to you.

I think the remark about American English was out of line, and I disagree with you about the use of the wood soccer.

However, I was way out of line and sent you words you did not deserve. I was stressed out that day and over-reacted hugely, as the orange clown in the white House would say. I took it out on you, which was uncalled for. Sorry about that, sincerely.

If I disagree with you in future, I will keep a civil tongue in my head - or rather a civil keyboard under my fingers.


No need to apologise. We have a difference of opinion. That's what makes it all so fun. It's still called football ;)


Not apologising for the difference of opinion, just the way I handled it Thanks for your good humour!


Wait a few years to see if your uncalled for comment about our President was appropriate. Not everyone on here is anti-Trump like you. Civil tongue, indeed!


Tell that to australians, canadians and south africans..


How very not true. Look around at some of the DL discussions to see how many more people around the world refer to it by the England-coined word "soccer".


As mentioned prior, the English coined term you refer to is meant as slang. It's so bad, that it has never even been adopted as slang in the UK. We would most likely refer to it as "footy" for slang.

Quite simply, American English is a poor form of the English language.


You are as arrogant as you are ignorant.


I thought you became pals now..

Down with Trump .. he's always messing around


"Who is the best soccer player" is another way to ask that it should accept.


Nobody says "Who plays soccer the best?"


"Who's the best at soccer" is semantically equivalent


who is the best soccer player? ....not accepted. In fact, I would venture to say that "who is the best soccer player" is actually a better sentence than "who plays soccer the best".


"football"should be accepted


"Who's the best soccer player?" Not accepted and should be. Reported 13th Oct 2018


Diego Maradoni is, according to some, the best soccer player, but he currently definitely does not play soccer the best.


踢 (tī) = to kick/to play (e.g. soccer)
足 (zú) = foot
球 (qiú) = ball/sphere/globe

足球 (zúqiú) = soccer ball/a football/soccer/football

踢足球 (tīzúqiú) = to kick a football (lit.)


Please change to football. Most people across the world call it that. The only exception is the US. Where it’s not as appreciated. As a football supporter, I find this annoying.


It's even more annoying when people don't know the history of the word, and don't know that many people around the world call it soccer; and that don't recognize that DL is based mostly on American English.


I know where the word originates. It was a slang term derived from Oxford University, in the UK. As it's a slang term it holds no relevance standing against the correct term, football. Most people across the globe call it football, for obvious reasons. The only exceptions are Americans and those taught American English, which let's be frank is a bastardisation of the original English language. The game you call football is more better labelled "Hand Egg". After all, you use your hands, not your feet.


You are still ignorant about how many people call it soccer. I have have no problem calling soccer football. Your simplistic anti-Americanism is causing you to to make assumptions about what I call football. This discussion is not about American football, which I abhor. But your general attitude is close-minded and arrogant. Much of American English simply retains forms that were in common use in the UK earlier. This website is based on American English, so you'd better find another site.


If people have a choice between American English and English, it's pretty obvious what one would choose. I have nothing against Americans. Nice assumption there. It's a language site, so use it correctly. Soccer is a slang term, end of.


"American English ... which let's be frank is a bastardisation of the original English language." "Nice assumption there." Hm...


Daniel18387- Your arrogance and ignorance concerning the English language is obvious. American English is no more bastardized than your own Queen's English. Do you still speak as Chauser did? Do you still speak the language of Beowolf? Languages evolve. I know it is difficult for you to accept the fact that the culture and language of the US has overshadowed the British influence that once was the kingdom upon which the sun never set. Too bad, so sad.


Dave, calm down. It was meant as a joke.


Now you're going too far in the other direction. I wouldn't say it's been overshadowed. They both exist simultaneously.


the US is not superior to the UK. I also think British English is much better than American English. Fortunately we are taught British English in my country, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I had learnt to call football soccer, ugh. Or speak with that awful American accent. No thanks!


Why do you people not only insist on constantly repeating falsehoods like this, but on being so arrogant while doing so?


"Who is playing soccer the best" should be accepted.


Who's the best football player is incorrect? I don't think so!


Where's the 很 after 的 ?


Who is the best soccer player should really be accepted


can this also translate to who is the best soccer player?


"Who is the best soccer player" isn't acceptable?


I put "Who is the best football player?" Is there a reason that is wrong? Nb its not the use of football rather than soccer as "Who plays football the best?" is accepted.


Football! Is American 'football' [soccer] the same as rugby? It does look similar, and Americans are good at copying things such as sports and culture. ;-) Duolingo is an American app, and uses American, not English.


Who is the best soccer player was not accepted. I suppose the verb play is more important than the noun. But to translate it to English, who plays soccer the best is not a natural way of talking.


its called football.


Did anybody get "who's the best soccer player?" Damn apparently it's another thing one has to bow down and memorize. I guess it's duolingo's way of trying to make us pay for it instead of use it for free.


"Who is the best soccer player" should be accepted


I think it should be,"Who is the best at soccer".


American Football should just switch its name to tackle ball. Soccer should switch its name to Football. Why do Americans always have to go against the Status Quo. Same thing with the metric system.


It's. It soccer, never.

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