"They are not doctors."


November 18, 2017

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Surely 她们不是医生 must also be correct if one speaks about female doctors. The alternatives should both be graded as cortect.


Actually no. If ALL the doctors referred to in the sentence are female, your sentence would be right. However, same as it happens in Spanish, if there's at least one male doctor in the group, the character used in the sentence is the same used for male in plural. So, 她们 is used if ALL the doctors are female, 他们 is used if all doctors are male AND if there's at least one male doctor in the group.

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    Yeah... it's impossible to know if they're female or not. Generally the male article is used if you're unsure.


    I got this correct with the masculine form but it also suggested i could have used the feminine form.


    As of 11/6/2018 it's accepted as correct.


    I tried today and it was accepted ☺


    Do "yi" and "sheng" have any meaning when alone, or only when used together?


    Once you keep studying you will notice words repeating in many different contexts, so context is crucial. From the top of my head 医院 means hospital and 生日 is birthday, and 生病 is become sick and 学生is student

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      But shouldn't it be 他们不是医生? Because the sentence is objective and doesn't specify if they are female or male.


      他们 was not accepted, although I believe since the gender isn't specified (as it is almost never in English), it should be accepted.


      I did 他们不是医生, and it said I was incorrect. Is there something I am doing wrong or is duolingo wrong again?


      So what is singular for doctor?


      In Chinese the words stay the same no matter how many there are, only the words in front change. 一个医生。七个医生。每个医生


      Why does Bo go before Shi? Not is? rather than is not?


      I think its "bu" that means the negative of something. And I think it usually comes first.

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