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  5. "I will call you."

"I will call you."


November 18, 2017



The Chinese translation is just odd. It really should be "我会打电话给你". Seriously, Duo. There are so many mistakes in the Chinese course I'm not even sure who's contributing to this.


Totally agreed... I'm native Chinese speaker. I can't believe that my answers were not accepted many times.


"我会打电话给你." = Accepted: 28 dec. 2019.


Outrageous that it still isn't accepted now. 19/7/18


Still not accepted Sept 6, 2018


"我會打電話給妳" is a much smoother and natural structure, I'm sorry, but I've never heard "我會給你打電話" before


Does that hanzi you used instead of 你 (ni3) mean the same but talking about a female? (It seems similar to how 他 turns into 她) Or is it just another traditional hanzi?


给 (gěi) = to/for/to give/to allow
打 (dǎ) = to beat/to strike/to hit
电 (diàn) = electric/electricity
话 (huà) = dialect/language/spoken word/speech

打电话 (dǎ diàn huà) = to make a telephone call


Totally agree. It is a really frustrating experience to go through this course. Makes me want to quit.


Well, it's not supposed to be easy. Don't rely on one source. Duolingo is free and improving, the comments function is very helpful as a learning device and benefiting from others' experience. For me it keeps learning manageable and fun, but this is only the beginning. I took Chinese for three semesters. Wonderful for basics, especially writing, but self-learning is now useful for me. Find a way that helps, there's no holy grail, is there? Maybe chinesepod, i've heard it's good, but then you have to invest some money, of course. Thanks for contributing!


I think I would have gotten this right the first time if the English had said "I will give you a call."

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