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  5. "她的头发又黑又好看。"


Translation:Her hair is both black and beautiful.

November 18, 2017



This should also accept "her hair is both black and nice" although in English we do not tend to say that, we also don't tend to comment on the color and the niceness of someone's hair in the same sentence


It accepted my "her hair is both black and pretty"


Unless we say "nice and black"


"Her hair is dark and beautiful." was not accepted. I reported it.


@Fremanolas - Dark green?


URGH. Seriously, who is contributing to this course? “好看" can mean 'pretty', 'beautiful' and 'good-looking' -- and you guys went with 'nice'? This course needs to have contributors who are well-versed in BOTH Mandarin -and- English!


and of course when I translate it as "looks nice" it is marked wrong what the heck


"looks nice" is so much better. I can't think of any circumstance where "好看" would be translated as just "nice".


I wrote "good looking" and got hammered


Amanda Lee, why not step up and become a contributor :D


I understand, but the course just in its beta. If you would like, I think you can still sign up to contribute https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/zh-CN/en/status


"Her hair is so black and so good looking" should work too


I translated 好看 as "beautiful" (which it does mean) but was marked incorrect because you chose "nice" as the translation. I echo AmandaLee's comment.


You're correct. 好看means beautiful and Duolingo makes another mistake


I feel like they want to keep beautiful only for piaoliang.


Why does it have to be "her" and not "his?"


Because of the 她. That's "She". So 她的 is "Her".

他 is "He", so if the sentence had 他的 it would have meant "His".

Hope this helps.


This English sentence is just so awkward that I can't really imagine ever saying anything like this, neither these words nor this structure. The closest thing I could think of that would actually be idiomatic is 'She has beautiful black hair' but that as the English example would not help anyone to guess 又黑又好看。But that should certainly be accepted as an English translation.


UGH! what is the difference between good looking and looks good?


"Your hair is black and good looking"




"Her hair is both black and cute" should be accepted: the set of words provided by Duolingo actually contained the word "cute".


When do I use 好看 and when do I use 漂亮?


好看 and 漂亮 differ somewhat subtly. From my experience, 好看 is gender-neutral and can really only describe people (it literally means "good to look at" or "easy to look at"); 漂亮 is considered to be somewhat implicitly feminine, is also used to describe both people and inanimate objects, including hair and clothing.


Her hair is both dark and good looking. = Accepted.: 21 feb. 2020.


Incorrect as both beautiful and black is the same as black and beautiful


I could have looked at the woman and also said "I think she has nice hair, and I like her hairstyle".

Why limit ourselves to Duo provided words? :-)


In English we would put "nice and black" so my answer should have been accepted


We would, except that means something different from what the Chinese is saying.


The audio prompt for this sentence makes it unclear that the pronoun should be 她, as one might conceivably comment that a man or animal's hair is black and beautiful. To my knowledge, 好看 isn't a gender-specific adjective, and there's really no reason for this sentence to be gendered (or human-specific, I suppose).

Also, echoing previous comments, that the translation is not an idiomatic one. The 又A又B construction for adjectives doesn't really mean "both A and B", but rather that a noun is "A and B"; it describes two adjective qualities that occur together rather than imply that the two adjectives are related. 又黑又好看 doesn't necessarily mean that hair color and aesthetic appeal are related.


I have learned Chinese for about a year but in none of the original sources met this construction 又...又. Is it really used?


I don't know if it's used all that often, but it was used in my Chinese classes in college. We used Integrated Chinese, if that helps.

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