"Ty dívky nejsou velké."

Translation:The girls are not big.

November 18, 2017

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Is there a differens between dívky and děvčata


Formality and gender, děvčata being neuter and the least formal if I'm right. (Learner too)


Could "ty dívky nejsou velké" also translate to "those girls are not big"?


Even though I'm finding the ending of these adjective difficult, I'm loving the course so far :)


How do I know if it's "ty" and why "velke" and not "velky"? Is there any consistency in this language? It seems like words have different endings every time!


The words "dívka" and "holka" are of the feminine gender, hence the demonstrative "ty" and the adjective "velké". Please be sure the Tips and notes provided with these skills.


You have 20 points in French, so you have some experience with endings depending on gender and number: "l'homme est bon", "la femme est bonne", "les hommes sont bons", "les femmes sont bonnes"

The principle is the same in Czech, only instead of 2 genders we have 3... or 4 because masculine can be animate or inanimate.

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