"Mám rád modrou barvu."

Translation:I like blue.

November 18, 2017

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"I like blue colour" - why it is wrong?


It is wrong because it is grammatically incorrect in English. In general, you can say "I like blue" or "I like the colo(u)r blue." And in certain contexts, you might also say,"I like the blue colo(u)r." But you cannot say "I like blue colo(u)r."



But if it is incorrect, I am not the right person to argue with, I had to learn this myself.


They said that context means. But in this exersize we don't know context, so both orders may be correct.


While "I like the color blue" is best, it is true that "I like the blue color" can also be used in certain contexts in English. The remaining question is whether the Czech sentence can be translated as "I like THE blue color," in the absence of a demonstrative pronoun. That is something that one of the CZ natives on the team would have to address.


I think it would be "tu modrou barvu".

Out of those colours I like the blue one.


I believe the full translation is: 'I like blue colors'. That makes the sentence correct and I believe it should be acceptable.


The Czech sentence uses the accusative singular, modrou barvu. While "I like blue colors" is a valid English sentence, It is not a translation of the exercise sentence, because it changes the object from singular to plural, for which there is no need or justification. "I like the color blue" would be an alternative to the translation shown above, if that works better for you. Please feel free to answer VladaFu's question, if you like.


Thank you for clarifying this sentence!


do you have to ue barvu at the end or could one just say mam rad modrou

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For a question "Jakou barvu máš rád" (What color do you like?) you can answer "Mám rád modrou." (I like blue.).


Is it possible to turn "modrou" into a noun to exactly say "I like blue"?


modrá IS a noun, modrou is the accudative case


Where's the colour gone? Barva - color


"I like the colo(u)r blue." is accepted.


Also don't understand why I can't add 'color' at the end of sentence


"I like blue paint" wasn't accepted despite "paint" being an alternative suggested translation for "barvu."


"I like blue colours" - here the plural in English could be both semantically and grammatically correct, but here would barvu have to be barvy to signify a plural, and for that to be correct?


yes, it would

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