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  5. "Nejsi žádný přítel!"

"Nejsi žádný přítel!"

Translation:You are no friend!

November 18, 2017



This sentence makes me so sad :(


Maybe "you are not a friend" ??? "English here no good. "


That's not a valid translation. Both "žádný" and "no" serve as intensifiers. Your suggested sentence would be translated as 'Nejsi přítel.'


Jajjaja it makes me laugh instead! It sounds like a typical phrase made by a Czech speaking in English...


In English, it is common to add to whom someone is not a friend. "You are no friend of mine", "You are no friend of (or to) Annabelle", etc. But "You are not friend" does work too.


Im assuming "nejsi ne pritel" doesnt have the same effect?


No, it does not make any sense and would most likely be understood as "Nejsi nepřítel." which means "You are not an enemy.".

Basically, the English word NO has multiple meanings and you have to consider those as separate words and translate them separately. The dictionary also considers them independently https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/no You have an adverb, an adjective and a noun.

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