"Hello! My last name is Li."


November 18, 2017

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For this sentence there was only one option for Li, but it had another word before it and then marked it wrong.


[你好] [我] [姓李] was marked correct for me, but 姓李 shouldn't be one word. Reported (but as "dictionary hints are missing", because there's no option to report segmentation errors)


The word before it was means last name


Can anyone explain why this sentence doesn't need "的" ?


的 (de) is used to indicate possession, but it's normally omitted when talking about family, such as your relative or family name


Because “的” is not needed.


The word '李' was not under the option available, so I chose '姓李' which was not correct. This should be changed to be correct at the very least, or 李 should be added as a possible word.


Is it common to introduce yourself with your last name in China?


It is common, yes. If you introduce yourself and tell someone your whole name, you tend to say your last name first (this isn't just in Chinese, either).


Heyyy!!! It is not letting me move to the next level....what do I do?


I submitted the correct answer, but it was marked incorrect.


Why is 我姓叫李 incorrect here, but in another lesson 我名字李明。is incorrect? Do you have to use 叫 with 名字,but are not allowed to use it with 姓? I don't make the connection.


I'd like to know that too


(not sure if this'd be helpful to anyone but thought to post it anyways)

As a Chinese speaker (not quite fluent), I find it strange to introduce yourself w just your surname. I've never heard anyone do that when meeting someone for the first time. You'd introduce yourself with your surname followed by your name. (A chinese name typically consistents of the surname + 1 to 3 characters, most often 2 and least often 3)

For example(I used a celebrity's Chinese name for this), someone with the surname「李」(Li/Lee) and name 「永钦」(Yongqin) and would introduce themself like this: 「你好。我叫李永钦。」or 「你好。我是李永钦。」(subtle difference; "Hello. My name is Li Yongqin" vs. "Hello. I am Li Yongqin". Either works fine.)

If you're intoducing yourself to someone in chinese and don't have a chinese name I think you'd still introduce yourself w your surname first(I'm not sure, I recommend fact checking me).

If you want to give yourself a chinese name: For your surname I recommend picking a syllable in your last name and finding the closest phonetically similar chinese surname character. For just a regular name I'd recommend looking up name character meanings, picking 1-2, then if you can, find a native speaker to double check so that you don't accidentally give yourself a name that sounds funny/have a homonym that doesn't mean smth good.

Hopefully this'll be helpful to at least one person. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I wrote it without this "," and " 。


Exact answer with same pronunciation is not accepting


Im typing the right translation, but its marking it wrong...


this is absurd. i just dont put punctuation. should've count as correct. already wasted 2 hearts :'(


Well im hungarian our last name is our first just like in chinese


This spacing issue causing me to get correct answers incorrect has got to be fixed. Especially if you're going to dock "lives" for it now.


There is literally no point to using a Chinese keyboard if it's going to count correct answers wrong for spacing that's automatically added by the keyboard. Oh, and any attempt to manually correct the spacing by backspacing or adding more space still causes it to count as wrong. I'm not impressed that this still is happening.


lol im getting confused


China bhasha Malayalam Malayalam Malayalam sorry


China bhasha Malayalam Malayalam Malayalam sorry I'm

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