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  5. "你想去西班牙旅游还是日本旅游?"


Translation:Would you like to travel to Spain or Japan?

November 18, 2017



"Would you like to travel to Spain or travel to Japan?"is also a correct answer, please add to your answer database.


Did you click the Report button? The staff may not read every comment in discussions but they read all reports


I also had "Would you like to travel to Spain or to Japan?" rejected.

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Although grammatically correct, this sentence sounds unnatural to me:

你想 去西班牙 还是 (想)去日本 旅游?

is what I would say as a native speaker.


I think this, and the rest of the questions, are too strict with the English translation and phrasing. Note that Mandarin and English are still two drastically different languages, despite similarities in syntax and grammar rules. So we need to keep in mind that not all words should be given a literal translation.


The course is still in beta. Hit report and the staff will add more acceptable translations.


"Do you want to" or "Would you like to" should always both be accepted ... it is now very arbitral ...


Of course you can say 你想去西班牙还是日本旅游? "


To me the second one is more natural and common


It does not accept "Do you want to go traveling to Spain or Japan?"


Not quite perfect English there, but almost. "Go traveling" is a construct you don't hear too much of...


To 'go travelling' has a specific meaning. English speakers (in England) use it when there is an element of hardship and/or adventure. It is often used to describe what young people do in a gap year between school and university. It indicates prolonged journeying. But it does not take an indirect object, so 'to go travelling to [somewhere]' would be a strange thing to say. I agree with Melarish, below.


To "go travelling to somewhere" is a bit strange but still acceptable. I would use it if I was embarking on a backpacking trip that ended up at that place.

But I would also use "go travelling in somewhere" if I was going to fly to say China and then travel around China once I got there. And to me this is what the Chinese is actually expressing.


I understad, but in some other sections, "go traveling to PLACE" was the only acceptable phrase for "去+PLACE+旅游", so I've stuck to it. Then, my answer, "Do you want to go traveling to Spain or Japan?", was wrong. The correct answer at the bottom said that it should have been "go traveling in Spain or Japan?" with "in" underlined. I feel like I should exactly memorize their correct sentences, otherwise I cannot move on, but I don't want to use my brain's working memory for such an activity. I've got much more useful things to learn... .


It has irked me in those other sections too.


"Go traveling" is used when you don't specify where. If you say where, it is "go travel to Japan" or maybe "go traveling in Japan" if you mean going around different places in Japan.


Duo just asked me to speak into my microphone for the first time, 9/30/19. I was hoping for this feature! Is it new?

Unfortunately, it cut me off halfway and counted my answer correct... Seems like it needs some work still.


What's wrong with 'would you like to travel in Spain or in Japan"? No one travels TO a country without traveling IN it as well. :/


I disagree. I might travel to Korea and live there for a while, without actually touring through the country.


Exactly. "Travelling to" and "travelling in" are distinct and the Chinese sentence translates most accurately to "travelling in".


"for holiday" that is not standard english


Is this a question of choice (between Spain and Japan), preference (between the two in general but hypothetically), or curiousity (just asking as if seeking what to fo for themselves in the future)


So in case of saying "travelling to X" do you always need to say "X + luyou" ?


Why the answer, "Do you like to travel to Spain or Japan?" not acceptable?


Now "travelling in" is suddenly okay for the "去。。。旅游" construction even though it wasn't in an earlier section where someone was travelling to India. >.


Do you want travel to Spain or Japan?

This is what I entered.... where the hell does 'like' come from @.@

Please note there is only Ni not Nin so no politeness modifiers.


You just had a slip up in your answer: Do you want -to- travel to Spain or Japan? is fine.


'Would you like to go on a trip to Spain or Japan?' Should be correct?? I reported it.


Would you like to = Do you want to Why not?


It is correct, but not been added by course contributors yet. The course is still in beta. Click Report when there are missing translations


What about "Do you want to go to Spain or Japan for vacation?"


It doesn't say anything about holidays.


If you use vacation, u can use the word 度假 rather than 旅游


I type the correct answer yet it says am wrong.... Why ?


Me too (in the audio, given in 2 speeds) : 你想去西班呀旅游还是日本旅游? [Reported: Nov. 8, 2019]


do you want to go to vacation in spain or japan

is also correct


Mm it's iffy English. I'd say either "want to go on vacation to" or "want to vacation in"


Not really travel, more like vacation

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