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  5. "医院的电话号码是多少?"


Translation:What is the phone number of the hospital?

November 18, 2017



What is the hospital's phone number should be correct. It's a translation and a good one


They accepted me "What's the hospital's phone number?", 07/15/2020.



Facing the same problem


"What is the phone number for the hospital" is also a perfectly correct English meaning.


Here are some handy emergency phone numbers. I sourced most of these from the internet (only a couple of them from personal experience); I hope this information is correct; please, check to make sure, or to see if you need to dial a prefix from your phone:

In mainland China (PRC):
110 for police (text 12110)
119 for ambulance or fire*
120 for ambulance
122 for road police or traffic accidents
12395 for SOS on water

*According to Wikipedia, 112 and 119 play a bilingual Chinese and English message with information about other emergency numbers.

In Hong Kong:
112 or 999 for general emergencies
992 for deaf, fax, or text

In Macau:
112 for emergencies (for international tourists)
999 for ambulance, fire, or police

In Taiwan:
110 for police
119 for ambulance or fire


It's 什么 not 多少, at least the former is more accurate.


I'll re-post an earlier comment of mine from another page. I'm curious to know your thoughts upon reading it.

This is what I've learned:

  1. 你的电话号码是多少
  2. 你的电话(号码)(是)几号? (This version is common without "是", but it also occurs with it.)
  3. 你的电话号码是什么?

Native Mandarin Chinese speakers have their individual opinions about these, because China is a big place, not to mention the outlying Chinese-speaking countries and regions, and this is a colloquial sentence influenced by local dialects and by quirks of history.

1 is somewhat more northern, but common in a lot of China, and perhaps most common overall. 2 is perhaps half as common as 1, but it's more southern, and common in Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia (and perhaps other places, e.g. the southern mainland or some of it), where people will often swear they've never heard 1 (and likewise, proponents of 1 will often swear they've never heard 2). In each of these two cases, proponents of one version will say why the other isn't logical, and none of their reasons is really very convincing. It seems the usage of one or the other is really about history, habit, and experience.

3 is fairly common, but perhaps not as common as 1. It feels unnatural to some speakers (particularly to many who like 1) but not to others (those who like 2 are usually fine with it, as are some who like 1). Those who don't like it will even go so far as to say it sounds like you don't really know what a telephone number is, or even what a telephone is.

Where English has a greater influence, 3 seems like the more correct or formal structure to some speakers. That's not to say that 3 doesn't have inherent support by the rules of Chinese itself, but it's not necessarily the go-to phrasing historically in broad swathes of the Mandarin-speaking world, and some native speakers say they never hear anyone use it. But many native Mandarin speakers will swear that it's the only truly correct option.

There are still other ways to ask this question, including shortening the above sentences, but I would stick with those three choices to begin with.

Here are some Youtube videos teaching the "多少" version (which is the most common version on Youtube):


[06/02/19] I read somewhere that when you ask the phone number 多少 should be used.


It can be both right?


Why not "what's the hospitals' phone number"


I got this wrong when trying "What is the hospital's phone number" and "What is the number to the hospital." Both should be correct.


"What's the phone number for the hospital?" Accepted, 6/3/2020


Traditional Chinese: 醫院的電話號碼是多少?


Should be 醫院的電話號碼是什麼? instead 多少 = how much 什麼 = what


”多少“對,”什麼“ 對,對嗎?


wrote "number for" not "of". -_-


Is it necessary to be accurate? I just forgot the word 'the' and its wrong.


for the hospital is correct


"what is the telephone number for the hospital?" is a good enough answer. please fix


'what is the hospital's number' should be right as well


Ah I leave one "the"


医院的电话号码是多少? I typed exactly the same as correct answer still it shows wrong


twitch: 'for' the hospital.




They accepted "What's the hospital's number?", 2020. 06. 21


What is the number of a [rather than the] hospital should have been accepted... There are no articles in Chinese??!!


Je n'ai écris et ca validé juste !


"What is the phone number of hospital?" is wrong bcs I write "hospital" and should be "the hospital"..... come onnnnn


It may be frustrating, but "the" is required.


的 is not necessary here


How do I input the Chinese characters? This is the first lesson I've reached where I've not been able to select Chinese characters from options presented to me.


The app is broken. Only the first character is being recorded.


"What is the phone number to the hospital" was marked as incorrect. Should not be

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