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  5. "Please without me!"

"Please without me!"

Translation:Bitte ohne mich!

November 18, 2017



This means nothing in English; it is not a valid sentence. What is the verb? Please WHAT without me?


...hm... you might say it for "Count me out", when you don't want to participate in something a group is about to do, e.g. when somebody wants to buy a round of drinks.

"Ohne mich!" is a more common exclamation, e.g. when you look at a rollercoaster you really don't want to ride (possibly even without anybody actually suggesting it).


Agreed, no native English speaker would ever say or write this sentence fragment.


It might also be an intentional trick question (there are few other phrases that are as absurd as this one). Doesn't have to 100% make sense. Just pay attention to the grammar and understand the language logic.


I think Duo does this to teach us idiomatic phrases, which can differ massively between languages.

It gives us the literal word-for-word translation, even if it sounds weird in English, so that we can figure out the German phrasing. If it gave us "Count me out!" and we hadn't seen it before, we'd never guess that the closest natural translation was "Bitte, ohne mich".


It could be that the verb "go" is understood as in: "Shall we all go to the poetry reading? Please, without me!" Though I think the comma needs to be there. Not the most common turn of phrase though it can help teach the preposition.


You might be able to make something that almost sounds natural if you put the "please" at the end: "Without me, please."


thats what i have been doing but my question is whether it is ever ok in german to put the please at the end? iow ohne mich bitte...??? please could one of our native german speakers advise... many thanks


Yes, "Ohne mich, bitte" works just as well. It sounds a bit less pleading and more politely declining than "Bitte ohne mich".


Moving please to the end of the sentence in English makes more sense... "without me please"


I feel like this should be in the idioms lecture, as it has no literal meaning.


Es geht um das Komma. This sentence only makes sense if you put a comma after "please." "Please, without me." In other words, you can do it, but I'm not interested.


Not a logical phrase in English.


Can Ohne mich, bitte. ...work ?


This phrase does not make sense in English :- It needs a verb such as "Please (start) without me" or "Please (carry on) without me".


Who writes these? This is not an.english phrase/translation

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