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Inconsistency in Tone Pronunciation / Spelling: 漂 and 夫 as examples

I have noticed quite a few instances in which the tone is written one way, and spoken another way on the page. I'm NOT talking about the regular and predictable changes in tone with characters like 一.

I'm talking, for instance, right now I'm working through "People 1" and the character 漂 came up in the multiple choice exercises where it shows the character on the left and makes you pick from three romanizations, and in the correct answer it spells it "piào", but the voice clearly pronounces it in first tone, high and flat. Another example that was mispronounced, a few lessons back, "夫" was mispronounced in these exercises.

I report these. But my question is: why does this problem even exist in the first place? Isn't this something that the course contributors would immediately catch, the first time through this? Like, it's a clear inconsistency, why is it not being fixed? Why was the course launched without this being fixed? Wouldn't this be something that would take only seconds to fix?

I don't understand why this problem exists in the first place.

Is it going to be fixed in a timely manner?

November 18, 2017


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