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  5. "We are paying."

"We are paying."

Translation:Wir bezahlen.

November 18, 2017


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Why not "wir sind bezahlen"?

November 18, 2017


We may not use "sind" (to be -- are) before the verb.

It is the same as "We ARE pay" in English. Of course, this is grammatically wrong. You can use either "We pay" or "We are paying".

April 11, 2018


Because standard German only has the simple present: "We pay."

"We ARE payING" can't be translated as such, unless by saying "Wir bezahlen gerade" ("we [are] pay[ing] just now" - you might say that e.g. to somebody who interrupts you), or by using a non-standard dialect you shouldn't really learn on Duolingo :) (but which, in case you know Dutch, is perfectly fine there - "wij zijn aan het betalen")

November 18, 2017


Because most verbs have a built in "are" in them so Sind would be redundant. Hope this helps!

January 23, 2018
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