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I'm Struggling with Korean

I'm having a much harder time with the Korean tree than with other trees I've done on Duolingo.

I know Korean is a totally different animal than Spanish or French, but I find that I'm not memorizing words nearly as quickly with Korean as I did with previous languages, and am having to rely WAY too much on the dictionary hints to complete lessons and practices. Even with my best attempts to remember the vocabulary, I'm having no luck.

Is anyone else going through this? Any advice? I really want to learn Korean, but I feel like I've hit a learner's block.

November 18, 2017



This is completely normal. The words are more foreign to you and don't have any commonality with the language you speak (assuming you are not Chinese or Japanese). You just have to review more often. Eventually your brain will start learning how to learn Korean more easily after some time.


I had this problem initially when trying to learn all non-Western languages, i.e. Japanese and Chinese. Initially it seems super intimidating.

Familiarity and exposure will make it much better...and you WILL develop an intuition for the language, it just takes more exposure because, unlike Western languages, you have less implicit familiarity due to similarities to your native tongue or other languages you already know.

This is one way that listening to radio or other audio can help a lot; it will accustom your brain to the sound and structure of the speech. You will start hearing certain words repeated, and recognize them as a word, even if you don't know what they mean.

Then, when you come across these words in a lesson, you'll be like, "OH YEAH it's that word!" and it'll be much easier to remember.


Hi, I have a ton of resources that will help you if you would like them? I'm advanced in Korean and can help you with resources and learning the language. :)


i would like them PLAESE


I would like them please!:)


I would like them too, please! ^^


I'm having a little bit of a time too, but I honestly thought it was partly because I was doing it on mobile and not able to access the hints. However, I just completed Japanese prior to tackling this and the one thing I learned from the Japanese course (aside from Japanese lol) is that there's a breaking point. Somewhere, if you are really really trying, it will suddenly "pop" and it will go from 'why can't I do this?' to 'yeah, okay, here we go!' That's what is motivating me right now... just waiting for the pop. :)


Yeah, I'm experiencing the same thing. But I hope once I get more used to it, remembering korean words will be easier.


I suggest memrise korean courses along with the duolingo course! They have helped me a lot.


Hello. I wrote some tips. Firstly i wrote them in this comment but i found this doesn't allow me to make neat writing so i moved!



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K49agKL3MOs&t=20s This fellow's short videos are fun to watch (partly because of his artistic ability), and a very efficient way of getting a feel for the language (both pronunciation and basic vocab) and the culture. If you want to get deeper into the grammar, try https://www.howtostudykorean.com/unit1/ and then the Memrise course that go along with it to reenforce the vocabulary presented in each lesson.

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