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The use of 'ne' in a sentence

I have recently come across 'ne' used in a sentence 'on ne connaît en general que Biarritz'. I haven't ever seen it used other than as part of a negative sentence so could someone please explain the rules regarding 'ne' in this context?

Thanks a lot :)

November 18, 2017



I mean, it's not in the negative, really, but sometimes ne is used with other words besides pas. For instance, "ne...plus" would be used for "not anymore" or "no longer". I haven't personally learned or encountered "ne...que" before, but I would assume it means "only" ?


Thanks a lot for your help. That makes sense :)


Indeed, "Ne... que" means "only".

« J'ai deux chien. » = "I have two dogs."

« Je n'ai que deux chiens. » = "I only have two dogs"

Note: In everyday French, « ne », as in "ne pas"/"ne... que"/"ne... plus", is always omitted.


"Only" can be thought of as "nothing but."


In good French, you don't say "on connaît en general que Biarritz" But with French normal people, you'll VERY often find this (mostly orally)

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