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  5. "我还没有洗澡。"


Translation:I still have not showered.

November 18, 2017



"I have not bathed yet" should be accepted. In addition, Duo Chinese team misses the meaning of "洗澡".


"I did get washed up yet" or "I haven't washed yet" would also be correct. Even "I have not taken a bath yet" should be accepted. But technically, "洗澡“ just means to wash up, which includes taking a shower and bath. I think taking a bath has a more specific expression 洗浴。


洗澡,洗浴 一樣的。浴室 is as much a bathroom and "shower room".. The Chinese don't make any difference. You should know that in different provinces and places in China, people have naturally developed different vocabularies designating a same thing/object/situation. China is a vast country. Like anywhere in the world, take Russia, You'll discover a similar situation. Even travelling through France you'll find that. Between Belgian, Swiss and French French has differences in calling a same thing. Regards to all


I have not yet bathed is the most accurate translation so far. Keep up the reports :D

[deactivated user]

    "I haven't had a shower yet." Reported 11-30-17


    I also tried "I haven't had a shower yet." It was marked wrong.


    "I have still not taken a shower" is also correct


    Still haven't showered = haven't yet showered


    Is that so? I thought "still" places an emphasis on the fact that something has not happened yet even though it should have (but may not, eventually), while "not yet" indicates that the event is bound to happen at some point.


    Duo, 马上要洗澡!


    Why would you say "没有洗澡" rather than "不洗澡"?


    The former is "have not bathed" and the latter, "do not bathe" as in the speaker doesn't take baths.


    damn duo rlly calling me out huh


    Did not need to know that, thanks


    And what about " I didn't shower yet " which really seem more a casual thing to say in English

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