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  5. "Please copy this note."

"Please copy this note."


November 18, 2017



I thought ノート is supposed to mean notebook and メモ is a note?! Am I wr8ng?


ノート can mean notebook and note respectively. You can tell which one it is based on context.

I personally would not use it to describe something I needed copied. I would probably use "section" or "page." ノート is still correct though. メモ would be exactly the same as the English memo.


Im this far and i dont fully understand the use of "shi" can someone please fill me in lol.


In Japanese コピー is a noun. In order to make it a verb you must add する. If you see the し like this it is a verb.

Before we use ください we need て, so we take the する verb form attached to コピー and change it to the ます form which is し and then add it before て.


Please do (verb).

These are verbs:

食べる = 食べて = 食べてください。

Please eat.

行く = 行って = 行ってください。

Please go.

These are nouns with する added:

勉強 = 勉強する = 勉強して = 勉強してください。

Please study.

キャンセル = キャンセルする = キャンセルして = キャンセルしてください。

Please cancel (it).


Is this a common way to say "copy" or is there another frequently used phrase?


This is a common way to speak. I use it almost everyday in my office when talking to coworkers.


Why not 写す?


Kono nooto wo kopii shi te kudasai.


What's the しfunction here?


し is for the verb する, which means "to do". Literally, the Japanese sentence says "a copy, to do, please."


I left out このwould that really be wrong, or is Duo just being nit-picky about the sentence being "that"not "the"?


「このノートを写してください」, marked wrong 2020-09-22. Why?


I typed in コーピ instead of コピー and it was accepted. Is duolingo being permissive or are both equally valid?

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