"In the winter, many children do not go to school because of the cold."

Translation:Iarna, mulți copii nu merg la școală din cauza răcelii.

November 18, 2017

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Sau "din cauza frigului", perfect adevarat ...


So just as in English cold can mean temperature / weather AND be an abbreviation of a common minor virus infection. BUT the sentence as stated in English could ONLY mean the weather. No-one would interpret this as referring to virus infections. How does Romanian differentiate? Can anyone explain?


As you say, the English sentence clearly refers to the weather, whereas "răceală" is in fact the virus. I think the proper translation here should be "din cauza frigului" (accepted)

"Many Alaskans do not mind the cold."
- Mulţi dintre cei care trăiesc în Alaska nu se tem de frig.



The English should be that many children don't go to school because of coldS. Because the children have colds, not because the weather is cold.


At least in British English "because of the cold" can only mean the cold weather. If the illness is meant, it would be "because of a cold' or 'because they have a cold". There is no ambiguity.


Certainly in many parts of the UK, and in general in Ireland, 'the cold' can mean 'the [common] cold' so it's highly ambiguous ...


I suppose I should have written "in standard British English". Of course you can talk about the common cold, but you don't normally say "I have the cold". Your cold is only one of many. You have a cold.


Correct, but the question wasn't "I have the cold", it was "because of the cold". We would use this in everyday english to mean both "because of the cold weather" and "because of high incidence of the common cold" …


"Iarna, nu merg mulți copii la școală din cauza răcelii." ?


Make your minds up guys - first I answered "... din cauza racelii" and was told "... din cauza frigidului", the second time the other way around ... grrrr ...


"... because of colds" would make the English translation correct.

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