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  5. "아이들이 시끄럽게 놀아요."

"아이들이 시끄럽게 놀아요."

Translation:The children play noisily.

November 18, 2017



It does not accept 'Children play noisily' prefering 'The children play noisily.' However, 'the' in Korean is '그' is not in the sentence


I would completely agree if they used 아이는. But this sentence uses 아이들이, which is using children in plural form 들 and specifying them as a subject rather than a topic with 이. So the sentence is referring to a particular group of children, hence "the children" instead of "children" in general.


This is really awkward in English. A better interpretation would be: "The children are noisy playing." Or: "The children are noisy while they play."


The first sentence you put"The children are noisy playing. should be noisily playing otherwise you have an adjective modifying a verb which is impossible. Adverbs words usually with an "ly" ending.


Not really. Native english speaker and "the children play noisily" sounds fine while "the children are noisy playing" I dont think is even grammatically correct. "The children are noisy while they play" is fine but a different sentence. I cant remember the korean but that would be "the children [while playing] are noisy"

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