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One week break for lingots

Hi all,

how can I maintain my streak when I go for a one-week holiday in a place where wifi connection is not too good (Cuba). Is there any option to buy a holiday? It would be worth 1000 lingots to me - and I would keep practicising Spanish anyway, just offline, with real people.

Thanks in advance for the answers Carmen

November 18, 2017



You will probably be a little sad when your streak is broken, but I'm confident you will survive (and continue to thrive). You may want to take a screenshot for memory's sake. Enjoy Cuba!


You can realize that speaking Spanish is much more important than some silly "streak" on a website. Pixels aren't worth anything. Speaking/using a foreign language is worthwhile, whether you're doing it in Duolingo or not. Streaks are pointless. says someone with a very long one. Don't worry about it.


So you wouldn't care if something bad happened and your 1640 day streak suddenly disappeared?


There's the weekend amulet, but that only works on the weekends. Like Grace said, you can trust someone to carry on your streak. Also, if anyone is going to say use Duolingo Plus, the lessons you do offline don't keep the streak.


There’s a "Weekend Amulet"?

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