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List of learned words available?

In this box on the home page where your overall progress in the current course is shown it says "n Words". Is it possible to display a list of said words? I know I can go to the individual lectures to see the words, but I'd also like to see a list. It would be awesome if you could just click on "n Words" to see the list, perhaps I could file that as a feature request?

April 7, 2014



We are reworking how you'd see the vocab page. Something new is expected for late April/early May :)


Yay, something more specific than "soon"!


C’est parfait!


I don't know why anyone would downvote this OP....

Anyway... there will be a 'Vocabulary' feature coming shortly. We have to be patient, but it shouldn't be long now. :-)


Je suis d’accord!


Many people were upset by the loss of the vocabulary list feature.

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