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Unlearned words in solutions

In the last few days, Duolingo seems to have got much worse at offering words I haven't learned yet, especially in the multiple choice sections. Although I do know the words for a required translation, it's giving alternatives using words I don't know (yet). For example (this is Spanish, but I've seen it in Italian and German too), for "They find the food", which I would know as "Ellos encuentran la comida", it gives "Ellas consiguen la comida" and "ellos consiguen los alimentos", despite the fact that I haven't been taught consiguir or alimentos. This is just one example - I've seen quite a few, but mainly in the last week or so.

March 15, 2013



We had a bug in which the multiple choice answers were showing words that people hadn't learned yet. This bug has now been fixed. Sorry about that!


It's still doing it for me


Here I speak for me.

I love to make mistakes, and I love to find words I don't know and look for them on my own, I definitely don't care how many hearts I have at the end of a lesson, If I need to review it once/twice/n-times again it means I will have more chances to learn some words.

Said that, I am using Duolingo especially for German to review cases and articles, since I never remember if a word is masculine, feminine or neutre. Therefore I know what the exercise is speaking about in the most of the cases.

I should try to learn Portuguese to see how frustrating it could be. :D


Thanks for clearing that up, Luis. Marziotta - I completely understand, sometimes I like to be surprised too, and it is a great way of learning - I just got a bit frustrated since I was trying to mop up the last heart to make 100% on the skill! (PS - I feel your pain about the German - I'm having a hard time with the der, die and das too).


I noticed that! It was driving me crazy and causing a lot of silly error in lessons.

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