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How to Learn French

Do you want to learn French? It may not seem like an easy language, but once you start learning, you will never want to stop. Below, I have a step by step guide to learning French.


<pre> 1. Buy a Beginner's French to English Dictionary </pre>

Having a French dictionary is crucial to your learning. Every time you come across a word or phrase you don't know, you can open up your dictionary and look it up. It's easy!

You can also memorize some vocabulary with your dictionary. If you are focusing on trying to get all the colors memorized by the end of the week, you can flip toward each color in your dictionary and memorize them just like that.

<pre> 2. Get Some Blank Labels </pre>

Why do you need labels? Well, for labeling, of course! A great way to improve your French memory is to label things in your house. be sure to spell the word correctly!

Also, when labeling items make sure to state if the word is masculine or feminine. Add the translation, and pronunciation if needed.

<pre> 3. Use Word Reference </pre>

Word Reference is a website that translates English to French and French to English. It is an awesome website to help you search up words you don't know. It is like an online dictionary since it shows which part of speech and which gender it is.

Word Reference also provides sentences in which the word could be used. As I said, it is a wonderful resource.

There are many things you need in advance to learning French.


<pre> 1. Join a Group </pre>

Whether it's online, or physical, joining French groups also prove helpful. Being with other people just like you helps a lot. You can share experiences and quiz each other.

For online safety, if you're joining a group online, you should know your fellow participants just to be on the safe side.

<pre> 2. Take a Class </pre>

If you're not a student taking the language of French, taking a class is always a great idea. It forces learning into your schedule. Most language schools take place over the weekend. It is another way to learn with other people.

<pre> 3. Get a Tutor </pre>

Not just any tutor will do. Find a tutor with experience in French, a tutor 100% fluent. If you hire a person with a couple of years of High School French, you won't be learning all the essentials.

A session should be from an hour to two, depending on how much French you want to learn at a time, and how fast you want it done.

Learning French with others is a great method!


<pre> 1. Think Out Loud </pre>

If you're around other people, this may not be a good idea. But when you're alone, it's nice to say what you'd usually say in English.

For example, if you wanted to say: 'Where is my book?' you could translate it to French and say that instead. 'Ou est mon livre?'

<pre> 2. Learn French Words Similar to English </pre>

Learning English words that came from French or are spelled like French words is also a good method. For example, learning the color 'orange' is easy because it is spelled the same way in French. The pronunciation is different, though. In English, it is pronounced 'O-ringe' and in French, it is pronounced 'O-ranje.'

Learn the simple difference and you're ready to roll forward!

<pre> 3. Visit a French Speaking Country or Place </pre>

In order to completely seal your knowledge of French, you must visit a French-speaking country or place. You could visit many countries and places like Quebec and Paris.

You can talk to those in the place or country in French to improve your skills. As an addition, isn't it nice to take a little vacation?

These methods are musts to learn French.

Thank-you for reading my guide. I hope you will benefit from it in the future. You can find some of these tips at: 'https://www.wikihow.com/Learn-French.'

Au revoir!

November 18, 2017



Please share these tips with your friends!


De rien, mon ami!


Bonsoir for every one im a niveau garcon รก duolingo, et je ne sais pas if im at a good place, je chercer un place ou je peux chatter avec some people en france ! :)


Then discussions is in it for you!


If you're looking for a place to practice talking in complex French, take a look at my other discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25011716 Please check it out! Merci!


Your welcome! You can find most of these tips at: 'https://www.wikihow.com/Learn-French.'

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