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  5. "We take care of Žofie."

"We take care of Žofie."

Translation:Staráme se o Žofii.

November 18, 2017



Why is it Zofii instead of Zofie here?


Everything is explained in "Tips and notes"


  • Žofie - nominative

  • Žofii - accusative


The "tips and notes" translates se starat as "care about" whereas the exercises translate it as "take care of" - can it mean both?


How do you know when to use o or na?


Various verbs use various prepositions. Sometimes more of them and they differ in the meaning. You have to learn them individually in the same way we have to learn the English phrasal verbs one by one. "Starat se" cannot use "na" for the object.


My answer -- O Žofii se staráme -- was accepted, but it's not the answer shown at the top of the discussion. Is there a lesson that provides more information about word order in sentences? I think that would be helpful. Thanks!


Both answers are correct with the same meaning. Czech word order is relatively free. The base order is subject-verb-object. If you really want to know more about it, here is thesis which compares Czech word order and English word order https://theses.cz/id/9d4d6p?lang=en


The hover hints are: we take care of = staráme and Žofie = Žofii.


Can "Se staráme o Žofii" be correct? I am a bit confused on when to use the reflexive part "se" after or before the verb.


Please first the Tips and notes about clitics. Then you can also have a look at https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31466920 Se is a clitic and must be in the "second position".


Why "My staráme se o Žofii" does not count here?

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