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  5. "现在没有雨,我们不需要带伞。"


Translation:There is no rain right now, we don't need to bring an umbrella.

November 18, 2017



I really appreciate this app, but so much of it is trying to memorize the exact English translation they want, which is not always consistent from one sentence to the next. "Right now" vs "now," "take" vs. "bring" (带translates both ways), etc. I report it each time, so hopefully it'll be less frustrating to future users.


I'm increasingly thinking that reports are ignored by the course writers. There are issues from 2 months ago still outstanding and other beta courses have had no trouble responding to reports in a couple of days.


My guess is the team members that look at our suggestions are also unpaid volunteers like us beta testers and they are also subject to demotivation ...


Demotivation... ha... right.. too much for a free course..


I receive updates for my reports though, and it happens quite often. I think the Chinese team is rather active (compared to the Japanese team which seems to ignore practically every report).


I found the Chinese team was like you describe the Japanese team for the fist several months I was using it. Then I started to get a lot of my suggestions accepted. That lasted a few weeks and now it's gone quiet again...


Yeah.. they do inform you that your suggestions have come to be accepted


They do eventually get to them. Last night I had about 20 messages in my email saying they now accept my suggested translation. They always come in bunches like that.


I've been getting a slow but steady response to my flagging answers that should have been accepted.


Yeah, it is frustrating. "There is no rain now. We do not need to bring an umbrella." is not accepted three months later.

It's also pretty strange that "There is no rain right now, we don't need an umbrella." is the official answer even though the verb "to bring" is in the exercise. ("需要" appears to be an adverb that needs another verb to act upon, so an answer that allows "needs" without a subsequent verb doesn't make a whole lot of sense.)


Unfortunately I've reported lots of inconsistent answers and they have not been corrected.


Same here. I put 'now' instead of 'right now'. I don't think that's wrong!


Absolutely right!


Has it changed at all? It seems to me that many users including myself (or me, as the bird would like...) have reported this situation and still no changes and/or improvements. Hope they will soon realize this situation. As in this sentence where it should absolutely be "right now" and not simply "now" for現在 as it can also even be at present.. At this moment... All these can be 現在。


"it's not raining now so we don't need to bring an umbrella" was rejected but I think it's fine


so weird, on the retesting I thought I'd enter what they want and "it's not raining now, we don't need an umbrella" dropped the bring that they didn't want the first time around and now this time I got marked wrong for not having bring in there!!


I feel your pain. Really frustrating


In fact, I would argue that even the word "now" is unnecessary in English. It's implied in the phrase "it's not raining."


Technically, any answer with "raining" in it is wrong since "rain" is being used as a noun in this sentence. The verb is "有" ("to have").


You would be right except that 现在 translates into the present tense. "There is no rain now" and "it's not raining now" mean exactly the same thing. The latter is the more natural way to say it for most English speakers.


Geez Louise. One question insists that it should be translated "bring an umbrella" and the next insists on "take an umbrella." This is driving me nuts.


Yeah, I keep getting the other sentence wrong where I translate it to "bring" and trying to adapt I now got this sentence wrong when I started to use "take".
But that's why this course is in beta. Let's hope the situation improves. :)

Duolingo would be more practical for me if I could ultimately decide whether a translation is counted as correct or not and what kinds of questions I am going to get.


compared with the ukrainian beta course, this one does not seem very responsive to user (or beta-tester) feedback.


It's a huge course and a complex language with a gigantic platform of learners, pal.. It's normal.. I'm getting response though.. they just need to take time to approve and change stuff.

Remember, it's all free. So a thousand thanks to them


"now" should be accepted instead of "right now" for this question


I left out the 'right' in the sentence and they marked me wrong. While in other places they accept 'now' without 'right'. Reported.


"It is not raining right now. We don't need to bring umbrellas." should be an acceptable answer. There is more than one person (as indicated by 我們) so logically more than one umbrella would be brought.


Technically, any answer with "raining" in it is wrong since "rain" is being used as a noun in this sentence. The verb is "有" ("to have").


Yes but it is poor English to say "right now not have rain..."


Exactly. When translating between two unrelated languages with quite a different grammatical structure, you can't always expect all nouns to stay as nouns and all verbs as verbs and still end up with the best equivalent phrasing.


The correct solution was given as "It's not raining now, I don't need to bring an umbrella.", but in the Chinese sentence it's "we" not "I".


Putting "now" or "right now" at the beginning or end of the phrase are both acceptable in English.


"It's not raining now. We don't need to bring umbrellas." is marked incorrect, which is making me livid. Since there's more than one person, then there's more than one frigging umbrella!


Why is 'bring' not allowed in some variants of the answer, and 'take' not allowed in others?


Very inconsistent with the translation of 带, for some questions is accepts to bring and for others it only accepts to take. I don't want to have to guess which one duo will accept every time, both should be accepted.


Just keep suggesting missing correct answers. The team has been pretty responsive lately. This is what using a beta course means.


"It's not raining now, we don't need to take an umbrella." was rejected. Should it be?


I think "we don't need to bring umbrellas" should be correct too


"It's not raining now so we don't need an umbrella" should be accepted


"There is no rain now. we don't need to bring an umbrella" rejected because of course it is.


I thought umbrella was supposed to be paired with 雨?


Adding 'yu3' just makes it easier to understand in more contexts, but it's not necessary.

Side note: 'san3' as a standalone noun can be 'umbrella' or 'parasol'.


That's just Chinese-English dictionaries bias to not be ambiguous. In reality "san" covers both "umbrella" and "parasol" so it's not necessary and perhaps even a bit redundant to include the "yu" when it's already clear from the context that it can only be an umbrella and can't be a parasol.


That is a stylistic concern, depending on the culture of the speaker. Here it is clear to the speaker and listener that it is an 雨傘 and not a 陽傘。


I was shown "It's not raining now, I don't need to bring an umbrella" as the correct answer but above here it's "we" as it should be. What's going on?


I'd say they're fixing problems and you caught it while it hadn't finished propagating through the system fully.


Now and right now should be interchangeable


Still "now" instead of "right now" is not accepted. Keep reporting it, but it doesn't seem to help


As is often the case, the English is defective. Here the umbrella is being removed from its present location, so "take" is correct and "bring" is simply wrong.


It is insulting to users to see that a translation that is evidently more correct than the one offered is marked wrong. This is cheapening the goodwill created by other Duolingo courses!


It is stupid to insist on "right now" vs. "now" when it is not indicated in the original Chinese. Please fix!


Why should I use "right now", why not only "now"?


"There is no rain now, we don't need you to bring the umbrella" should be accepted.


In my opinion there is no differenvce between "now" and "right now".


In my opinion, there is no difference between "now" and "right now".


English speakers would bring 'umbrellas" not 'an umbrella' if the subject is 'we'.


Why are they using "带伞" to mean umbrella instead of "雨伞" or just "伞" ? If "带" is a verb then the translation should be "we don't need to bring an umbrella" or "we don't need to carry an umbrella" instead they translate it "we don't need an umbrella" as if "带伞" is a noun that means umbrella.


"帶" is the primary verb and "需要" is an adverb as far as I can tell. It seems to be an oversight that the primary verb is missing from the official answer, which should contain "…need to bring…" or "…need to take…".

(In English, "to need" can be a primary verb with "to bring" being implied, but that doesn't appear to be the case in Chinese.)


We could not apply a grammar of one language to the other. I could divide this sentence to be 我们 + 不 + 需要 + 带伞 (we + not + need + with umbrella). I suspect the original meaning of 带 is with. Neither of "bring" nor "take". Here, we do not have a need to be a status of being with an umbrella. Both 需要 and 带 do not have to be a verb in an English grammatical sense. There could be a sentence without a verb in Chinese.

Anyway, there is a huge restriction in Duolingo. It is so hard to match one idea with two languages, especially in a case without a contextual information.


As far as memorizing goes when to use 'the' or 'a/an' is getting tedious.


I think this tree is actually making my Chinese worse with the lack of explanations, lack of mod support / maintenance, and overall lack of organization. I understand Duolingo is definitely to blame since they are obviously favoring quantity over quality on this app, but man are these mods for this tree absolute dog ❤❤❤❤. I have not seen ONE mod comment over my months of leaving and coming back to this app as another study source. Its absolutely pathetic that 1. Duolingo thinks its okay to just shove out trees like this, but 2. that the mods don't and didn't even try.

I understand it's free, but the mods decided to take on the job and they failed. Miserably.

People have been trying to get a Latin tree off the ground since Duolingo's inception, but instead they are destroying their service with terrible made East asian language trees and cong-langs.


What's the difference between between "there is no rain now" and "there is no rain right now".....???? Can you tell Birdie to learn better English right now!!


The ancient plural form umbrellae should also be accepted


I used a period and it was rejected. is it that far off?


Umbrellas. One for each. It's very inconvenient to use one umbrella for 3 or 10 people:)


We don't need to bring an umbrella, there is no rain right now. What's wrong with that


"It's not rainy right now" also OK


What’s the difference between “there is no rain right now “ and there is now no rain. There is no difference in meaning!


"There is now no rain" places more emphasis on the "now", as if the situation is changing rapidly and there either was just some rain or there could be soon.

"There is no rain right now" is just the default word order. Technically there is not a difference, but listeners would interpret your meaning differently.


Take an umbrella is more appropriate than bring it. Bringing implies "where to" while "take" means exactly what is needed in this sentence.


Not quite. It should accept both.


The further I go into the course, the more specific English translation it requires, it's ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ frustrating


this gives me the ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤, ❤❤❤❤ you duolingo. this drives me crazy how you do not accept my answers

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