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  5. "I love this about our city."

"I love this about our city."

Translation:Tohle na našem městě miluji.

November 18, 2017



Is 'to' possible in place of 'tohle'?


To would be "that" instead of "this." But a valid alternative to tohle for "this" would be toto.


Why is the correct solution 'na' when 'o' has been given as the correct translation for 'about'?


In "forget about it" and "think about it" it is translated as "na" as well.

Then it can be translated as "okolo/kolem" (at about 6pm).

But mostly it is translated as "o".


Well, the phrase "like/love something about something" simply translates to "mít rád/milovat něco na něčem".

With the list of flags you have, I would expect you to understand the fact that prepositions never translate "one to one" - you have to translate the phrases and not single words one by one.


Velmi se omlouvám. Přehlédl jsem se a nahlásil dva nesmysly k této větě. Dělají to také ta podtržítka, že jsou na nesmyslných místech. Sorry.

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