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  5. "我们练习了两个月。"


Translation:We practiced for two months.

November 18, 2017



There are differences in spelling between American and British. "Practiced" and "practised" are both correct.


Because Duolingo teaches American english, and because it is a US-based company, I think the American spelling should be used.


We are learning Chinese here, NOT English, so both "practice" and "practise" should be accepted - as they luckily are.


We should also accept "style" because we are learning Chinese, not English. Remember? :-)

By the way "practice" is a noub and "practise" is a verb. If you don't care for the difference, you might as well say "We footballed for two months" (assuming you were practising playing football)..


I am American, but i favor "practise" because it is more fonetic. I am a firm supporter of (ov) English spelling reform; "foneticizing" as i call it; given that millions of English-speakers ar functionally illiterate, no-one (-wun) should be able to, in good conscience, choose the clearly-less-fonetic ov two or more accepted spellings.


we have practiced for 2 months

this is how I would say it in English


This would be written differently in Chinese, though.

我们练习了两个月。We practiced for two months.

我们练习了两个月。We have practiced for two months.


Actually, Chinese doesn't have tense as a grammatical category, but it does have aspect (perfect and imperfect)--so in fact both sentences can be translated as "have practiced" (perfect/completed aspect). It is true that present perfect tends to describe events that have occurred, and hence these can be framed as past tense (i.e. in languages that have tense).

The second sentence, where there is a sentence-final 了, can be interpreted as conveying other information, such as change-of-state.


That's exactly what I wrote and it's accepted.


Using "have" means that the two months of practicing were the last two months (up to the present). The Chinese sentence does not specify when the practicing happened, just that it lasted two months.


"We have been practicing for two months" should be accepted too


I'm pretty sure that would be "我们练习了两个月"

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for other sentences in this unit practiced is not only just correct, but is the main correct, suddenly here it's wrong! :facepalm:


We don't need to put 两个月 in the middle of the verb here?


Apparently duo can't and won't understand arabic numbers now.. Need to write two instead of 2


"we practiced for a couple of months" was not allowed but should be


"We practiced two months" should also be accepted


practised?????????!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!! The correct spelling is practiced!!


In most of the world "to practise" is the correct form of the verb and "practice" is the noun (US excluded of course ;-)), so both "practised" and "practiced" should be accepted to keep everyone happy.

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